Sagerow is a grounding blend of 10 plants that exudes the earthy, woody scents of sage and cedar. This Therapeutic formula was designed as an alternative to sage smudging, a practice used in Native American traditions to cleanse and clear negative energies that block the mind and body. When the the body is purified and the blockages removed, natural flow of the body returns and people experience reduced body odors, balanced immune systems, increased metabolism, and reduced inflammation. However, the powers hidden within the many plants of the Sagerow formula achieve even more than this new-found freedom. 

In addition to this purification, the Sagerow formula was designed for those seeking assistance with relieving stress and anxiety, calming muscular spasms, reducing acne and breakouts, balancing oily skin, promoting healthier and more toned skin, repelling insects, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and relaxing the nervous system. To replicate smudging to clear negative energies in a space, we recommend the Sagerow Spritzer. Spray it throughout the space, especially in the corners of the room, or on your person to cleanse. 

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