ALYWILLOW (Raleigh, NC) is areal results botanical phenomenon, formulating and manufacturing over 150 botanical products exclusively from hundreds of therapeutic, organic, and medicinal plants (essential oils, flowers, roots, resins, bark, tree needles, leaves, fruit, spices, nuts, seeds), pure minerals, organic beeswax, and organic honey. 

We have incredible topical formulas for daily washing and moisturizing and although many of our customers choose Alywillow to be free of toxins and artificial ingredients, many other choose Alywillow for their sensitive skin or to get support with a physical or emotional issue. 

Many of our products help reduce fatigue, stress, anxiety, and more. Some of our products are powerful enough to help support the health of your body even when it is under attack from shingles and MRSA. We use plants that strengthen and protect. Additionally, we help many people find a natural option to help relieve pain and swelling, facial blemishes, lines and wrinkles, itchy skin, and so much more! Plants can do amazing things and our formulator, Aliya Trinity, is naturally gifted in this field and has over 20 years of experience.

Why are our products so amazing? Every time you wash or moisturize with Alywillow products, your body receives bio-available vitamins (not synthetic) from the plants, and these nutrient rich uploads can improve your complexion and overall health. There are no synthetic ingredients in any of our products - only plants and minerals! It's pure delight!

Read our reviews to see the power of Alywillow.  We are non-toxic, cruelty-free, and offer a plethora of vegan options. Even the scents and colors of our products are derived from plants.

We have also classified our products into different Safety Grade Levels based upon their benefits and power. Additionally, we offer allergy reports to those who may be allergic to plants, ensuring you have a list of which Alywillow products are safe for you.

We have two stores in Raleigh, NC,  and this is also the location of our production facilities.

There are many businesses, doctors, massage therapists, yoga centers, and individuals around the U.S. in our wholesale program. When you promote Alywillow products, you are able to help people in so many ways. Read more about these opportunities here: Alywillow's Wholesale Opportunities


Before any decisions are made at Alywillow, we ask these questions... "Does this action honor us, does it honor others, does it honor the Earth, and does it honor future generations?" We believe every action or inaction is important, because, through our individual choices we are collectively building the world we are sharing. In our actions we consciously choose to respect and honor the health and well-being of you and the Earth. The goal is to leave the world a little better than we found it, for the benefit all the children and the generations to come. If not us, then who?

Respect and kindness are very important to us. We are based on Native American principles, honoring the Earth, and recognizing the plants and animals as part of our larger family.  With a commitment to zero-waste, we are always looking for ways to reduce waste, reuse, and recycle. Additionally, our ethical choices are to find ways of living with more joy and happiness, and less stuff. With a single Alywillow cleansing bar, you can wash your hair, your face, your body, and even shave!

We know our customers appreciate our commitment to synthetic free products, yet, that’s not all we are committed to!  We are always looking for better ways to ensure all aspects of our operations are good for people and planet. Alywillow has a positive impact on our community with zero waste strategies, we easily meet all local, state and federal waste regulations. We are a company of integrity. Our focus is not merely on profits and growth. Our priorities include the health and happiness of the individual, the community, and the earth. 


Our moisturizers can be used from head to toe and we offer 5 Levels of Moisturizers so you can choose the right level for you. They can also be used as detanglers and conditioners for your hair. Choose Level 3 if you want a light moisturizer, Level 5 to help restore cracked and flaking skin, or a Level 1 for the t-zone on your face.

“I found Alywillow by chance nearly a year ago... I purchased a few products to help with a skin issue I have had all of my adult life. Amazingly within a week or so I started noticing an improvement and within a month my skin was clear and feels wonderful.” Lori Resnick, Google review 

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Teach your children that the earth is our mother. Whatever befalls the earth befalls us. When we desecrate the earth we dishonor ourselves and when we respect the earth we restore honor to our life. Our health and well-being are linked together as one.