Throw out all those hair products with chemicals. They are probably causing an imbalance in your pH levels while damaging your scalp and hair. Love yourself enough to GO NATURAL!

Love Your Hair

When you use Alywillow cleansers and moisturizers on your hair, the quality of your hair improves! You've probably never used any products like ours before. We have taken the best from our indigenous ancestors and combined it with the latest science to bring you pure plant perfection!

The bio-ready nutrients in our products nourish your hair and scalp, increasing their health and EVERY ingredient is sourced from a plant! Once you switch to Alywillow products, you'll begin noticing your hair doesn't fall out like it used to. It will also start getting thicker, smoother, lush, and more beautiful! 

  • You can wash with Alywillow vegan bar soaps and liquid soap (Upside-Down Cleansers). They will clean your scalp and hair gently, they are free of all synthetic ingredients, and they help your hair and scalp stay healthy.
  • You can also condition your hair with Alywillow moisturizers. We have over 50 options in 11 different options, so you can match the perfect level and formula to your hair. Rinse it out or leave it in - your choice!
  • Do you have itchy scalp, damaged hair, losing your hair, painful scalp, psoriasis or eczema in your scalp?  We have formulas to help give you some relief. Read below...

Using our bar and liquid soaps:

Lather the soap or cleanser between your hands and massage into the scalp. RINSE WELL!  Since our soaps and cleansers are sulfate-free, they will not lather up the same way a conventional shampoo does - don't use too much. Avoid over-shampooing, you will NOT be able to FEEL the cleansers, but just because you can't feel it doesn't mean it isn't in your hair. Alywillow soaps are gentle and kind. They work really well, a little bit is all you need, and sometimes you may forget there is soap in your hair, so remember to rinse well... see your options


Dry, Frizzy, Coarse, or Damaged hair:

If your hair is in this category, you will probably start seeing improvement very quickly. Our cleansers are gentle and moisturizing. They will begin to help repair the health of your scalp and hair in a noticeable way. 
This type of hair will also prefer our Level 4 or Level 5 moisturizers. They are excellent for detangling and for conditioning. Best yet, every ingredient is designed to help your hair (and skin) get healthier! They do not contain alcohol or any drying agents and you do not have to rinse them out unless you have used too much. You really can use the same moisturizer on your hair and body with incredible results!... see your options
  • For Use as a Leave-in Conditioner: Wash hands, take a bit of moisturizer, and rub it between your hands to warm it up. Then, work your hands through the hair. Avoid applying it to your roots. 
  • For Use as a Hair Treatment: Wet your hair and melt the level 5 in your hand. Apply generously to your hair, especially to the damaged parts. Wrap your hair in a towel or plastic cap for at least an hour. Then rinse out well. Those with thin hair or normal hair may prefer to use a gentle shampoo to completely remove the residue and those with frizzy, dry, or damaged hair will not need shampoo. 

Fine HairFine or Oily Hair:

If you have this type of hair and it is accustomed to shampoos containing synthetic ingredients, your hair and scalp may feel oily after washing with our cleansers. Your hair is accustomed to harsh shampoos and the pH is normally out of balance. Our cleansers are gentle and it may take 2-3 months for your pH levels and hair to adjust. 
If your fine hair is dry, you may enjoy our Level 3 Moisturizers to help condition the ends. Most individuals with fine hair will also need to rinse the moisturizer out, although, everyone is different. Your hair may prefer to leave the moisturizer on. You'll need to experiment to determine what your hair prefers. We recommend starting with the Wildwood or Warrior Formulas.

Damaged Hair:

The Shimmer Hair Moisturizer is a beautiful blend of nutrient-rich oils that detangles and conditions the hair to revitalize limp strands and soften damaged hair. This high-protein, high-vitamin blend encourages hair growth, detangles hair to reduce further damage, and soothes the hair shaft itself to reduce frizz. The 4 oz spray bottle of this moisturizer goes a long way! 1-2 sprays of this concentrated moisturizer are more than enough for even the coarsest hair... read more.

better scalpAre you Losing Hair:

The Shimmer Scalp Spritzer focuses on scalp health, an area often overlooked even though it is vital to strong hair growth. This formula improves scalp health by supplying a healthy dose of plants and proteins directly to the skin of the scalp to help balance the scalp's pH levels... read more

Itchy Scalp problems?

Itchiness is usually calmed with our Wildwood products. Try this soap and liquid cleanser for washing. It is soothing and can help relieve the itching very quickly. If your scalp is itching throughout the day, make sure to get the Wildwood Spritzer. It is almost instant relief!... see all your options here.


WarriorDoes your scalp hurt?

Do you have painful areas on your scalp?  If it is infected or bacterial related, choose the Warrior Formula... see more here.

If your pain is related to swelling and inflammation, choose the Minty Relief options... see more here.