Many plants are too strong for babies and pregnant women, or can trigger seizures in epileptics. Some plants can build to toxic levels if used too often or in large volume. This is why we classify Alywillow products into different grade levels. Our safety standards on our Elemental and Therapeutic Graded products surpass European safety standards (the highest in the world). This means you can enjoy these products every day of your life! If you have any allergies to our ingredients, please notify us in advance of using our products so we can send you a list of safe products for your special situation. 


ELEMENTAL GRADE LEVEL – safe for everyone, even brand-new babies 

  • Great for everyone and best for PREGNANT AND NURSING WOMEN*
  • Even safe FOR BABIES & CHILDREN 
  • Safe for epileptics and best for the extreme elderly.
  • Best for HYPER-SENSITIVE INDIVIDUALS (allergic to many things) or those with a low tolerance for essential oils. Some of these products do not contain any essential oils (such as our Unscented line). Others contain levels of essential oils that are considered safe for brand new babies and pregnant/nursing women (such as our baby cleansers and Raindrop Deodorant) based on current medical and scientific information.
  • Babies nursing & pregnant women (in 2nd and 3rd trimester), and children under age 7 can use many Therapeutic & Medicinal grade products for a maximum of two weeks for some issues.

THERAPEUTIC GRADE LEVEL – soft scents and awesome benefits for ages 7 & up! 

therapeutic family

  • Formulated for daily use by anyone AGE 7 AND OVER
  • They are made of PURE PLANTS and do not contain any synthetic chemicals. Additionally, these plants offer many bioavailable vitamins and minerals, offering you more wellbeing just from bathing and moisturizing. 
  • These products surpass European Safety Standards (the highest safety standards in the world) in regards to plants and essential oils, ensuring you safe, long-term daily use. You can use them just for fun!
  • They are created from plants that OFFER SUPPORT FOR THE SYSTEMS OF THE BODY - circulatory, nervous, glandular systems and more. We use safe plants and never use toxic plants like tea tree or wintergreen. 
  • CHOOSE YOUR FAVORITE SCENT or choose for specific benefits. There are 10 formulas to choose from... Sagerow, Warrior, Sweet Magic, Lemon Laughs, Wildwood, Seawillow, Firefly, Lavender Fields, Dragonfly, Butterfly.
  • Children under age 7, babies, nursing women, and pregnant women in their 2nd and 3rd trimesters can use products with Warrior, Lemon Laughs, and Wildwood Formulas for a maximum of two weeks on a 'need only' basis. 


    MEDICINAL GRADE LEVEL – "use as needed"

    • These COMPLEX FORMULAS offer high levels of success for nearly everyone. 
    • DESIGNED TO HELP REDUCE SYMPTOMS caused by insomnia, swelling, pain, panic attacks, headaches, sinus infections, asthma, MRSA infections, sunburn, cellular damage, bruises, bee stings, fever, flu symptoms, and more.
    • Powerful formulas designed to aid in some of the toughest situations. These are not designed for fun or for fragrance. They are designed to be used as needed. The product labels and information pamphlets contain proper usage details.
    • For maximum safety, those who suffer from epileptic seizures should use Medicinal products with extreme caution. They usually contain high levels of essential oils that may not be safe for epileptics.
    • Children under age 7, babies, nursing women, and pregnant women in their 2nd and 3rd trimesters can use many Therapeutic and Medicinal Grade products for a maximum of two weeks. Please review our pregnancy information.