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Happiness Gift Set

Happiness Gift Set

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If you know anyone who likes natural skin care products, they are going to love our HAPPINESS GIFT SET.  We handcraft everything from OVER 200 plants from around the world and there are no synthetic. Your whole body, and especially your face will enjoy them because not only are they gentle, they also improve the quality of your skin so it looks fresher and feels better. Everyone can use them - men, women, and children, even those with sensitive skin. Plus, these items are designed to reduce anxiety and stress. Let me explain how this works…  

Your skin is the largest organ of your body and it absorbs a lot. In this case, you’re absorbing nutrients that balance the production of hormones but also increase your happy hormones. When you use them from head to toe - you'll feel better. But also, you’ll think more positively, see more opportunities around you, and make better choices. Put all that together and you have a better day. Add the better days together, and soon life is just more enjoyable.  After all, sometimes we need a little lift to help our vulnerable hearts and minds and the HAPPINESS GIFT SET is designed to lighten your load and make life a little easier.

This Set Includes the Following Items:

  • Seawillow Spritzer - just spritz this spa-like scent into your room, onto your skin, or directly on your face for a breath of freshness reminiscent of ocean breezes. Designed originally for spas - easing your tension and relaxing your body. (110g with a fine mist sprayer).
  • Dragonfly Bar Cleanser - Considering its ability to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, this gentle moisturizing cleanser can be lathered for full body and facial care. Let it relax your body and mind. Set it on the enclosed facial loofah to dry in between uses. (5 oz)
  • Sweet Magic Upside Down Cleanser - Just flip over and squirt out this lush foaming cleanser - that leaves your skin feeling like silk. This formula is best known for its ability to aid your body's production of happy hormones - helping you feel better. Use it from head to toe and enjoy a new sense of peace (250g)
  • Butterfly Level 3 Moisturizer - Shake and spray just one time into your clean palm and you'll probably have enough of this moisturizer to cover your entire arm. Residue free and feels so soft! Designed for hot summer months or for normal skin types. (100g)
  • Lavender Fields Level 5 Moisturizer - Use just a small dab of this ultra-concentrated body butter moisturizer to massage your face, hands, and feet. Perfect for the driest skin types or for cold weather. Relax and enjoy! (100g)
  • Stress Relief Inhaler - containing 20 plants to ease your worried mind and improve your day. Inhale and relax.
  • Gift Flap Box – This 100% recycled cardboard box is the perfect way to safely store and share this gift set.

What if you could absorb the goodness of nature every time you wash and moisturize?

Now you can! Alywillow products are free of all synthetic ingredients. In fact, we use over 200 plants and safe minerals from around the world. Even our scents, colors, and preservatives are derived from plants and minerals.

Alywillow is different!

  • Shake our bottles, before spraying, to blend the plants. This way we can avoid all synthetic ingredients.
  • Rest your cleansing bar on the loofah to dry out.  This way it will last longer.
  • Our cleansers are made of pure plants and don't contain lye, sulfates, charcoal, dangerous plants (like tea tree) or anything synthetic.
  • Our moisturizers are concentrated, with no added water, alcohol, or other fillers, so just a little is needed.

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