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Himalayan Salt - 1 pound refill bag

Himalayan Salt - 1 pound refill bag

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This mineral salt contains over 90 trace minerals essential in helping replenish your electrolytes, improve the strength of your bones and organs, & balance your pH levels. This bulk bag contains 16oz (1lb) and can refill our 4 ounces salt shakers four times. (Fine / food grade).

SODIUM IS ESSENTIAL FOR A HEALTHY LIFE:  Sodium is one of the main alkaline elements and is a necessary mineral for a healthy life. However, industrial processing removes minerals necessary for safe absorption and the by-product (table-salt) requires the body to pull minerals from your organs and bones to assimilate the sodium. Over time, this damages your bones and organs. 

BETTER ORGANS AND BONES! Pure Himalayan Mineral Salt contains over 90 trace minerals that safely processes sodium while enhancing the strength of your organs and bones. It’s a gift of nature for a healthier life! 


  • Food: Just sprinkle on your food, eat, and enjoy! It has a strong, full taste and is part of a healthier lifestyle.
  • Sole': Put four ounces into a quart size mason jar and fill will boiling water. Allow it to sit overnight. You can use this as a gargle for sore throats or add it to you bath water for a mineral bath.

pH OF YOUR BODY: To maintain the proper pH level in the body, you need 80% of the Main Alkaline Elements calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium and iron) and 20% of the Main Acidic Elements (chlorine, iodine, sulfur and phosphorus). This proper balance creates the an exchange or electrical charge in your body, giving you more energy and better life.

Imported from Nepal, Packaged in USA.


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