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LAVENDER BUDS Tea - Alywillow Lavender Flower Bud Dried Herb LAVENDER BUDS Tea - Alywillow LAVENDER BUDS Tea - Alywillow

LAVENDER FLOWER BUDS make a delightful and soft tea that can stimulate the release of neurotransmitters that offset excess stress hormones in the body and help reduce mental exhaustion, insomnia, tension, anxiety, and mood swings. The mineral content of this tea helps to improve overall uptake by the digestive tract, soothing indigestion, constipation, bloating, and cramping. 


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Lavender Buds Details:

  • Lavender Buds; Lavandula officinalis: Alywillow teas are certified organic and kosher. 
  • One Bag Contains: 1 cup (approx. 48 tsp) of loose tea to make 48 cups of tea.
  • Directions:
  1. Use 1 cup of very hot, but not boiling water to 1 tsp herb.
  2. Steep for 7-10 minutes and strain well. Crush the buds before steeping for a stronger flavor.
  3. Sweeten with a natural sweetener if desired.
  4. Drink hot or cold. This tea can be consumed every day.
  • Awareness: Lavender Buds have sedative effects - do not drink and drive.
  • SEDATIVE VS STIMULANT: Lavender is a sedative as it has a calming effect on most people and is normally best to use before your rest cycle. Do not operate heavy equipment or drive after using Lavender Fields. If you are ADD or ADHD it may cause you to feel excited. In that case, use our stimulants (Firefly products and Energy Inhaler) to help calm you down.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Wanda Bado
Lavander Tea an Excellent choice!

Excellent Tea! For relaxing

We are delighted to hear you are enjoying our Lavender Buds Tea, Wanda! Have you tried bathing and moisturizing with our Lavender Fields products? They make an incredibly soothing addition to your nighttime routine!

Tanisha Harrelson
One of My Favorite Teas!

I love this tea!! I have it right before bed or when I'm just relaxing. Very calming and the amount I received will last me awhile. Definitely will purchase again!

It's great to hear that you're enjoying our Lavender Buds Tea, Tanisha! Have you tried our Lavender Fields products? They're so relaxing and great to use at bedtime!