Warrior Level 5 Body Butter Moisturizer
Warrior Level 5 Body Butter Moisturizer Warrior Level 5 Body Butter Moisturizer Warrior Level 5 Body Butter Moisturizer Warrior Level 5 Body Butter Moisturizer Warrior Level 5 Body Butter Moisturizer
  • For ultra dry skin
  • 10-12 hours of protection
  • powerful creme - massage into your skin
  • Full body use - face, body, and hair
  • SPF-10

Level 5 Moisturizer (body butter) is a 100% vegan moisturizer made of therapeutic plants that provide your skin with the moisture it needs and continues to draw moisture into your skin for hours. All Alywillow moisturizers are safe for your face, whole body, and hair. Choose the right moisturizer for your needs. Level 3 is for normal skin, Level 4 for dry skin, and Level 5 for ultra-dry skin.

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This 4oz jar of rich cream is highly concentrated and will go a long way. Just a dab with do ya! It's designed to sooth repair skin that is so dry it cracks and bleeds. People with even the driest skin need a LOT less than they think. Start with a small amount and rub it in well. It will soften, smooth, and provide protection from the elements for around 10-12 hours. These plants are known to provide a natural SPF of 10 and every time you use this moisturizer, your body enjoys the benefits of this formula.


“The Warrior crème (Body Butter) has really helped tighten the loose skin on my neck and jaw bone.” JT Combs...... (see many more reviews here)


The Warrior Therapeutic Formula is a powerful blend of 9 plants with the warm, spicy scents of frankincense and clove. Is designed to help repair your skin at the cellular level. You will see your blemishes clear faster and a toning of your skin as it gently reduces toxins in your body, balancing your pH levels Warrior is a gentle, yet powerful anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal formula that fights off microbial intruders while nourishing your skin with antioxidants.

Most people choose Warrior because they enjoy the soft scent of clove and frankincense. It is a 'PROTECTOR'! Designed to clear issues from the body and defend you against intruders. It naturally stimulates the lymphatic system to remove toxins, fights the symptoms of shingles, herpes, and can help clear other lesions. It protects your body with antimicrobial properties, repairs your skin which reduces the signs of aging, combats the itchiness and rash caused by psoriasis and eczema, and nourishes the body. Those with psoriasis or eczema should only use the Level 3 Spray Moisturizer or the Level 4 Massage Moisturizer. Please see the following links for more information:

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This is a favorite of mine. I put this on a scar that I have tried other product on. The raised skin has flattened and it is less visible. All in just a few short days. This is my second bottle of Warrior (Level 5). Smells great and works wonders on my skin.” Missmatt99, online review 2017...... (see many more reviews here)



For Use on the Skin: Wash hands before use to prevent contamination of the jar. Start with a small amount and rub between the hands to melt it. Apply to the skin and rub in well. There should be no greasy feeling when rubbed in. If you prefer to feel it more, you may apply a thicker layer.  It will eventually sink into your skin, leaving it feeling extraordinarily soft and healthy.

For Use as a Leave-in Conditioner: Wash hands, take a bit of moisturizer, and rub it between your hands to warm it up. Then, work your hands through the ends of your hair. If you have thin hair, you should avoid applying it to your roots. 

For Use as a Hair Treatment: Wet your hair and melt the level 5 in your hand. Apply generously to your hair, especially to the damaged parts. Wrap your hair in a towel or plastic cap for about an hour. Then rinse out well. Those with thin hair or normal hair may prefer to use a gentle shampoo to completely remove the residue and those with frizzy, dry, or damaged hair will probably not need shampoo. 

Caution: Avoid the eyes. If an adverse reaction occurs, discontinue use, seek medical attention (if needed) and notify us. If you experience a negative reaction, you may be allergic to one of the plants in the formula. 


“I recommend the Warrior Formula (soaps and moisturizers) for anyone who’s tried everything for their eczema. I have literally tried everything and the Warrior Formula is the only thing that worked for me.”~ Maria...... (see many more reviews here)


Ingredients: Organic cold-pressed shea nut butter, organic cold-pressed coconut oil, and essential oils (Alywillow Formulas). Our products are made without any synthetic chemicals, synthetic fragrances, or synthetic colors and are cruelty-free.

Allergies: If you have allergy concerns, please send us a list of the plants you are allergic to and we will send you an Allergy Report with all of the Alywillow products that are safe for you to use. Some items may contain potential allergens (such as nuts) or plants that interfere with some pharmaceutical medications (such as grapefruit). 


My skin is smoother, soft with the product. I have used it on my face, day and night. My face looks younger! LOVE It!” Thank you, Jessy C., Cary, NC (January 2017)...... (see many more reviews here)


Babies, Pregnancy, and Nursing: Due to the concentration of therapeutic and organic essential oils in Alywillow products, babies, women who are nursing or pregnant, or may become pregnant, children under 7, and hypersensitive individuals should try out products in our Elemental Grade formulas for maximum safety. For maximum safety, individuals who experience seizures should try our Unscented products. Message us for more information! 

Happiness and Health: Although the effects of our products can be very powerful, the therapeutic effects are not enough to restore your health and joy on their own. Our happiness and health are affected by our overall lifestyle habits, eating habits, relationships, water intake, level of exercise, and exposure to harmful substances. 


“Using Alywillow (Warrior) soaps for the past year my varicose spider veins are gone and the larger veins have shrunk.” Becky, Wilson, NC…. the reason our customers experience better vein health is due to the specific plants in the Warrior and Wildwood Formulas – they are known to help support a healthy circulatory and nervous system. The results can be seen and felt in the body....... (see many more reviews here)


Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and should not be taken as medical advice. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any medical conditions. If you are in doubt, always consult your doctor. 


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We're so happy that you love our Warrior Body Butter, Kelley! Did you know that our moisturizers can be used head to toe? Check out our free skin consultations to get a personalized skincare routine https://alywillow.appointlet.com/s/wholesale-consultation
Great products and even better customer service!
Wonderful smell, Warrior
Thanks for your kind words, Christie! We're so happy you love our Warrior Body Butter. It's so smooth and hydrating - great for dry skin!
I love it
Great news that you love our Warrior body butter, Persj. If you were looking for an intense moisturizer designed for face and eyes, check out Featheray!
Perfect amount of moisture
Thank you for your kind words, Jenn! Warrior is wonderful to use on your face as it has so many restorative benefits! If you are interested in having a free, personalized facial consultation, just use this link https://alywillow.appointlet.com/s/wholesale-consultation