Collection: Lemon Laughs Products

Lemon Laughs will lighten your skin tones and smooth out blemishes for brighter skin. There are 6 different items in this formula and they are designed to help you feel and look better. Plus, each time you use them, the Lemon Laughs formula will stimulate the body's defense against infection, powering-up the immune system to fight off harmful bacterial. They are designed to be safe enough to use everyday, from head to toe, for the rest of your life and they are especially helpful for those with infections and acne.

In addition to it's lightening and brightening effect on your skin - it also reduces scars, freckles, and melasma. (However, if you have vitiligo or another disease or disorder causing skin discoloration, try Warrior instead or contact us for more personalized help). Since every ingredient is natural and formulated with therapeutic benefits - anyone over age 7 can use the Lemon Laughs products just because you love the scent! But, those with acne, scars, and skin tone issues appreciate them so much. Plus, teenagers really benefit from this formula as it helps balance hormones so you feel better without so many emotional mood swings.

The crisp lemon scent creates a happy feeling and the musky patchouli gives it a well rounded base. Those who love Lemon Laughs, really LOVE IT... but many people are repelled by patchouli. This is why we don't recommend Lemon Laughs products (or Sagerow products) as gifts. If you aren't sure, order a sample first. If you do order it and don't care for the scent, please don't use it so we can exchange it for something else you prefer.

 Lemon Laughs Bar

BAR CLEANSERS and loofah

It's antibacterial properties are great for washing your hands and washing your face  - to clear away the acne. It's ultra gentle, so it will not hurt your skin.  You can wash everywhere! Lye-free, sulfate-free, and safe for sensitive skin.

Look at the bottom of this page to see more details.

Lemon Laughs UDC


Flip our liquid Upside Down Cleansers to blend the plants and enjoy a fresh burst of fragrance each time you pump the bottle. Lemon Laughs will help clear your blemishes, light and smooth your skin. You are washing with plants - there's no lye, no sulfates, no charcoal and no synthetics. Enjoy washing your face, hair, body, and even shave. Look at the bottom of the page to order Lemon Laughs UDC.


It's like having a portable diffuser. Just shake, spray, and inhale this 4oz Spritzer to release the Lemon Laughs formula. Spray onto your blond hair and it enhances your natural highlights. It can also lighten your skin tones and help you feel better. Love the scent? Spray it on your pillows, sheets, and even your clothing.


Use Level 3 moisturizer to help keep your skin clear of blemishes or to reduce age spots and scars - all while protecting it from the elements. This  residue-free spray moisturizer leaves your skin soft and smooth. It feels light, like water, and is best for normal to oily skin. Use on body, face, and hair, even intimate areas.

Lemon Laughs Level 4


Use this moisturizer to clear your skin of blemishes (age spots and scars). Level 4 is not heavy, but it is thicker, designed for for dry skin and it's excellent for massage - leaving your skin feeling silky soft. Plus, there are no fillers, so it's ultra concentrated. Just one squirt is usually enough for your entire arm!


Got ultra dry skin? Just a little of this  velvety cream moisturizer will repair dry, cracked skin. You'll love how Lemon Laughs Level 5 smooths out your skin tones while reducing scars and dark spots. It's also fabulous for lubrication.

Do you love the Lemon Laughs Formula?

Pick up the entire Lemon Laughs Bundle with all 6 products and surround yourself with lemony delight of Lemon Laughs!

BENEFITS of Lemon Laughs:

Ideal for those who are seeking assistance with calming and clearing simple blemishes, evening skin tone, lightening dark spots and scars, balancing hormone levels to reduce mood swings, boosting immune function, naturally combating bacterial and fungal issues of the skin, and reducing cellular damage in general.


The moisturizers will stay in your skin for 10-12 hours and Lemon Laughs Formula contains plants that can make your skin sensitive to the sun. Therefore, we recommend using these moisturizers at night or at least 10 hours before sun exposure. Soaps and spritzers can be used at any time, day or night. 

Dermal Absorption:

When you wash in warm or hot water, your pores open and absorb the ingredients of your products - this is dermal absorption. Alywillow products offer balancing and restorative effects that can have immediate and long term benefits for your body and your quality of life.

Why does this matter?

Instead of your body being bombarded with synthetic and harsh chemicals from commercial products, your body is soaking up the goodness of our therapeutic ingredients. This naturally assist in my functions of your body - all while improving your skin so it looks and feels younger!  We are dedicated to living in harmony with our environment and we do this for all of us... for you and for us.