Butterfly Therapeutic Formula is an uplifting blend of 10 plants with mainly the soft, floral scents of jasmine and rosewood. Like a butterfly is freed by metamorphosis, this Therapeutic formula was designed to soothe your tired mind and heart and liberate your lungs as you transition to a happier, more peaceful state of mind. 

This formula was designed for those who are seeking assistance with relieving congestion and inflammation, stabilizing hormonal imbalances, relieving anxiety and stress, creating a sense of peace, increasing happy hormones, and increasing optimism to improve gratitude and well-being. The Butterfly spritzer is particularly helpful for relieving congestion and may reduce snoring for better sleep.  

The plants in this formula work to balance hormonal production in males and females and helps your body increase production of your happy hormones. It does not contain estrogen and can be enjoyed by either sex. 

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