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Guess who was waiting for us when we arrived at the photo shoot for our Butterfly Products? Yes, a Monarch Butterfly! It stayed with us the entire photo shot (and walked all over our team member and model, Maria). About an hour later, when we announced we were finished, it just flew off as if it was finished too.

alywillow butterfly

Just as the butterfly brings reassuring messages and represents continual transformation, Alywillow's Butterfly formula is designed to transform your life and share the message of hope - making life a little more enjoyable. 

What are Alywillow's Butterfly Products?

Although the Butterfly Formula is the lightest scent in our therapeutic line, it's formulated from 10 uplifting plants and you will probably catch the softest scents of jasmine and rosewood, with a touch of mint. We've added this formula to our base recipe for cleansers, moisturizers, and a spritzer - so now you have 6 options to choose from. They are non-toxic, free of synthetic ingredients, vegan, and cruelty free....

Butterfly Bar Cleanser
BAR CLEANSERS and loofah - you can wash everywhere! You are washing with plants when you wash with our bar cleansers. They are lye-free, sulfate-free, and safe for sensitive skin. Each one lasts about a month in the shower if used every day from head to toe. They are gentle and won't strip your hair or skin. Shave with this for extra healthy skin... and yes, they are lovely for your face! 
Butterfly UDC
UDC - Flip our liquid Upside Down Cleansers to blend the plants and enjoy a fresh burst of fragrance each time you pump the bottle. You are washing with plants - there's no lye, no sulfates, no charcoal and no synthetics. Enjoy washing your face, hair, body, and even shave with them.

  Butterfly Spritzer

SPRITZERS - these are like portable diffusers. Just shake, spray, and inhale to release the Butterfly formula. Use these spritzers on your pillows, sheets, clothing and in your rooms. 

LEVEL 3 - This residue-free spray moisturizer feels light like the wings of a butterfly and leaves your skin soft and smooth. It feels light, like water, and is best for normal to oily skin. Use on body, face, and hair, even intimate areas.

Butterfly Level 4

LEVEL 4 - Use this moisturizer for dry skin or as a massage oil.

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Butterfly Level 5

LEVEL 5 - Just a little of this velvety moisturizer will repair dry cracked skin.

Butterfly Formula

 Do you adore the Butterfly Formula?

You can get the entire Butterfly Formula Bundle.

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How does the Butterfly Formula work?

Your body absorbs many of the ingredients of the things you use on it and Alywillow products are made with plants and minerals that offer natural chemicals that do good things for your body. The Butterfly Formula itself is a series of plants with chemical compositions that help your body balance the production of hormones (we all have them) and create more of the hormones that make you happy, like serotonin and dopamine. These hormones impact your entire body.

  • They enable brain cells and other nervous system cells to communicate with each other... and this gives you relief, so you feel better.
  • Every time you wash or moisturize from head to toe, your body absorbs and enjoys the benefits these plants have to offer!
  • Inhaling the Butterfly spritzer also liberates your lungs and can relieve congestion and reduce snoring too! 
  • It’s surprising how this helps reduce stress. It has much to do with the communication system of your body's cells and the wisdom of Alywillow products

Why is this important?

Alywillow products offer balancing and restorative effects that can have immediate and long term benefits for your body and your quality of life. When you wash in warm or hot water, your pores open and absorb the ingredients of your products - this is dermal absorption.

So, instead of your body being bombarded with synthetic and harsh chemicals from commercial products, start washing and moisturizing with Alywillow products. This way you can enjoy the effective and safe ingredients of our products which will help your body function better - all while improving your skin so it looks and feels younger!

We are dedicated to living in harmony with our environment and we do this for all of us... for you and for us.

  • We don't choose to 'be natural' just to meet some market niche.
  • We do it because we appreciate all the gifts Earth gives us.
  • We do it because our ancestors existed without synthetic chemicals and we can too.
  • We do it because we care about you, and all the children and grandchildren to come.
  • Because when you enjoy the Alywillow products, your body soaks in the goodness of nature every day.
  • It's not the solution to all your problems, but we hope it makes your journey a little easier by improving your life. 

It's safe because it's natural, right?

We wish that was true, but not everything natural is safe for you. Ever heard of poison ivy? You knew that already. But what about Tea Tree? It's known to cause skin and internal organ damage and most people aren't aware of this. 

We believe companies should be responsible for the ingredients in their products and do everything within their power to keep consumers safe, not because of government regulations but because it is the right thing to do. We take this responsibility seriously. Not only do we make these products, we use them all the time. Our families, our children, and our grandchildren use them. And, when you go into our homes you will see them everywhere! We put our hearts into them

Our full ingredient list contains over 200 plants and minerals and we examine each of these for their individual natural chemical composition (for proper usage) and re-examined at each harvest to ensure consistency. 

Through biotechnology and other sciences, we know that plants can offer a myriad of helpful benefits - like antimicrobial properties, reducing inflammation, slowing or speeding up the circulatory system, protecting the health of your cells (which slows down the signs of aging), and so much more. However, some plants can damage the body if used too frequently, in large volumes, or in sensitive populations like babies, epileptics, pregnant women.

Then in the creation of our formulas, we follow European safety guidelines for the use of plants and essential oils (those are the strictest guidelines in the world). Yet, we go beyond those guidelines and Alywillow safety standards are even higher than that. For these reasons and more, Alywillow products are classified into three different grade levels: ElementalTherapeutic, and Medicinal.

Alywillow's Safety Classification of Butterfly Products.

The Butterfly products are in our Therapeutic Line. Everyone can use them when needed, but if you are 7 years or older, you can enjoy them everyday - from head to toe - as much as you want - for the rest of your life.

Alywillow Butterfly

The Message of the Butterfly

There is something particularly special and spiritual about Monarch butterflies. Did you know it takes eight to ten generations to complete one migration loop from Mexico to Canada and back? This means the butterflies that leave Mexico will never return. Three to four generations later their offspring will reach Canada, and then after three to four more generations those offspring will return to their ancestral homeland in Mexico.

Through this incredible journey the Monarch Butterfly teaches us of an invisible connection through time and space - to the lives of our ancestors before us and the generations of those to come after us.

And, just as the butterfly represents continual transformation, Alywillow's Butterfly products are designed to help you transform your own life... to open your heart to the languages of peace, beauty, compassion, patience, and insight (just like our sacred sweetgrass). They simply make life a little better.

Like a butterfly when freed by metamorphosis, the Butterfly products soothe your tired mind and body, transitioning you to a more peaceful state of being. These products can be enjoyed by everyone because everyone can use a little dose of happy hormones now and again. 

If you are struggling with life challenges or want a fresh start on the day, spray our Sagerow Spritzer all around you (to push away negativity) and then, spritz yourself with the Butterfly Spritzer (to pull in the goodness of life)! Remember to inhale each of them deeply so your body can get a greater sense of relief.

A message from our Founder:

"We appreciate you and hope you enjoy the Butterfly Therapeutic Formula as much as we enjoy making it. It feels so good to be outside in nature, and every time you wash and moisturize with Butterfly, I hope you sense the tall strong mint plants that grow next to our fresh water spring or the sweet song of jasmine as it wafts through the wind. I hope you will close your eyes and feel the love of the plants and remember the invisible connection you have to the generations that came before you or who will come after you. Even though you are a result of the millions that existed before you, there has never been or ever will be someone exactly like you. Be like a butterfly and enjoy your life! Be kind to yourself and share the best you have to offer with the generations that follow us on this path. We wish you wellness and as always, if you have any questions or want more information, just contact us! We are here to help you."

~Aliya Trinity, Founder of Alywillow