Alywillow cleansers are 100% vegan and moisturizing with no harsh chemicals. Every ingredient is sourced from a plant - even the scents, colors, and preservatives - and these plants offer bio-available vitamins your body, skin, and hair are able to absorb better than synthetic vitamins. They nourish your skin and restore well-being to your body, as well as boosting collagen levels and improving your elasticity and overall complexion. They are safe for long term use on your face, full body, and hair - and they will not through off your pH levels like lye, charcoal, and sugar scrubs.

  • Safe for sensitive skin.
  • Every bar includes a FREE loofah pad - for drying and exfoliation
  • Each formula has unique therapeutic benefits
  • or, choose the unscented for the simplest list of ingredients.
  • Each bar cleanser last about 1 month in the shower (varies by person)
  • You can lather up for an extra-smooth shave!
  • Reducing razor burn and extending the life of your razor blade.
  • Just one bar can replace your body wash, your shampoo, your facial cleanser, and even your shaving cream.
  • No lye, no charcoal, no sulfates, no artificial ingredients, & no dangerous plants (like tea tree). If you have any allergy concerns, refer to our list of ingredients.
  • If using them for your hair, learn about Natural Hair Care.
  • Read our reviews to see the power and blessing of Alywillow products.
  • They are extra gentle, they won't strip your skin or hair, and they are probably some of the safest and most moisturizing cleansers you have EVER used.
  • Directions: Blend the ingredients before using... Simply pick up the 8.5 oz bottle while holding the foaming pump and flip the bottle upside down. Then, set the bottle down and press down on the pump to deposit a thick, lush foam you can spread anywhere.
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