Wildwood is a restorative blend of 9 plants with a crisp, warm scent that comes primarily from lemongrass and geranium. This Therapeutic formula was designed to gently but assuredly tackle imbalances of the skin such as acne, dandruff, eczema, and fungus whilst supporting the circulatory and nervous systems.

Wildwood was designed for those seeking assistance with reducing simple acne breakouts, soothing dry, itchy, or flaky skin, and training the skin to produce proper amounts of oil. In addition to assisting with the conditions described below, Wildwood can help to relieve constipation, hypertension, indigestion, stress, pain, and lymphatic blockages

Eczema/Fungus: For those suffering from eczema, the Wildwood formula is the faster and more effective choice for most people. Roughly 95% of our users need Wildwood and 5% or our users need Warrior to reduce the symptoms of eczema in under 2 weeks. Right after application, Wildwood will help to relieve itching associated with both eczema and fungus. Consistent use for 6-12 months usually prevents the return of these irritating conditions because eczema and fungus can move throughout the skin and enter periods of dormancy, only to return with a vengeance if it is not fought long enough. Dormancy is when they are at their weakest, so keep fighting them for best results! For eczema or fungus, we recommend using a Wildwood Bar Soap or Upside-Down Cleanser and Wildwood Level 3 or 4 Moisturizer on the whole body every day for 6-12 months. In severe cases, Fortify or GoAway (Medicinal Grade products) can be used as a spot treatment in addition to Wildwood. 

Dandruff: Using Wildwood soap as shampoo will help to relieve dandruff without the use of synthetic chemicals. Wildwood's ability to normalize natural oil production without creating imbalances in the scalp's natural pH often relieves dandruff in as little as two weeks. Once relieved, continue to use a gentle shampoo without synthetic chemicals which can re-start the cycle. 

Don't worry! If you don't have an issue like dandruff or fungus, you can still use Wildwood without any complications. Wildwood does not dry oily skin, it helps the skin maintain balance. This means that using it with normal skin will not make you dry. 


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