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What are Alywillow's Wildwood Products?

Wildwood is a restorative blend of 9 plants with a crisp, warm scent that comes primarily from lemongrass and geranium. Most people choose it because they LOVE the way it smells! However, if you have imbalances of the skin such as acne, dandruff, eczema, dermatitis or fungal issues - you are going to love the relief it offers.

  • This Therapeutic formula also supports the functioning of your circulatory and nervous systems.
  • All of these benefits come from the dermal absorption your body experiences when you wash and moisturize. So, instead of soaking up synthetic chemicals like so many commercial products offer, when you use Wildwood products your skin is absorbing restorative nutrients from our pure plant products.
  • Wildwood products also help balance the production of oils your skin produces. This is ideal for those suffering from combination or oily skin issues. 
BAR CLEANSERS and loofah - you can wash everywhere! You are washing with plants when you wash with our bar cleansers. They are lye-free, sulfate-free, and safe for sensitive skin. Each one lasts about a month in the shower if used every day from head to toe. They are gentle and won't strip your hair or skin. Shave with this for extra healthy skin... and yes, they are lovely for your face! 
UDC - Flip our liquid Upside Down Cleansers to blend the plants and enjoy a fresh burst of fragrance each time you pump the bottle. You are washing with plants - there's no lye, no sulfates, no charcoal and no synthetics. Enjoy washing your face, hair, body, and even shave with them.
SPRITZERS - these are like portable diffusers. Just shake, spray, and inhale to release the Wildwood formula. Use these spritzers on your pillows, sheets, clothing and in your rooms. 
LEVEL 3 - This residue-free spray moisturizer feels light and leaves your skin soft and smooth. It feels light, like water, and is best for normal to oily skin. Use on body, face, and hair, even intimate areas.
LEVEL 4 - Use this moisturizer for dry skin or as a massage oil.
LEVEL 5 - Just a little of this velvety moisturizer will repair dry cracked skin.

Do you love the Wildwood Formula?

You can get the entire Wildwood Bundle.

How does the Wildwood Formula work?

Eczema/Fungus:  Immediately after washing and moisturizing with Wildwood, you notice the itch is relieved. Keep washing and moisturizing daily and you will notice your skin getting better. Continue using it for 9-12 months and you will be enjoying healthy skin and this also usually prevents the return. Both eczema and fungus can move throughout the skin and enter periods of dormancy, only to return with a vengeance if it is not fought long enough. Dormancy is when they are at their weakest, so keep fighting them for best results! For eczema or fungus, we recommend WASHING (using the Wildwood Bar Soap or Upside-Down Cleanser) and MOISTURIZING (using the Wildwood Level 3 or 4 Moisturizer) on the entire body, every day. In severe cases, Fortify or GoAway (Medicinal Grade products) can be used as a spot treatment in addition to Wildwood. Occasionally, our customers prefer our Warrior Formula and say that it works better for them. You may want to try a sample of both to decide which is best for you. 

Dandruff: Dandruff is a type of fungus and washing your scalp with Wildwood (as a shampoo) will fight the fungi and help balance the pH of your skin to reduce another flare up. Wildwood's ability to normalize natural oil production without creating imbalances in the scalp's natural pH often relieves dandruff in as little as two to four weeks. Once relieved, continue to use Wildwood as a shampoo for at least 9-12 months to prevent the return of dandruff.

Why is this important?

Alywillow products offer balancing and restorative effects that can have immediate and long term benefits for your body and your quality of life. When you wash in warm or hot water, your pores open and absorb the ingredients of your products - this is dermal absorption.

So, instead of your body being bombarded with synthetic and harsh chemicals from commercial products, start washing and moisturizing with Alywillow products. This way you can enjoy the effective and safe ingredients of our products which will help your body function better - all while improving your skin so it looks and feels younger!

We are dedicated to living in harmony with our environment and we do this for all of us... for you and for us.