Focus and Clear Thinking

ADHD*: Get daily help just from washing and moisturizing with WARRIOR and FIREFLY. These formulas will download your body with the boost it needs to restore balance and improve your daily focus - making it easier to manage the little things. Daily use of the ENERGY INHALER and FOCUS & CLARITY INHALER  is another way to calm your body down and maintain focus. Throughout the day, spray the WARRIOR SPRITZER or FIREFLY SPRITZER in your environment to help you stay focused.

Brain Fog: If you can remember during the Brain Fog episode, shake, spray, and inhale the WARRIOR SPRITZER to help you focus and clear the mind. Using the other WARRIOR products throughout the day can help keep your focused all day. The FOCUS & CLARTIFY INHALER can help you concentrate, quiet your mind, and narrow your focus. It is great for students and those with intense mental careers. Herbal teas will help boost the functions of your body - giving you more nutrients so you function better. Drink these daily - BEE BALM TEA, RED CLOVER TEA, SPEARMINT TEA, and PEPPERMINT TEA.

Headache & Migraine: Shocked and amazed are the results from most of our customers when they use the HEADACHE INHALER to relieve their headaches, even migraines. Simply hold it up to each individual nostril and inhale deeply once per nostril, up to 3 times a day. Drink 8oz of water every 3 hours or replace some of that water with SPEARMINT TEA. This herbal tea calms headaches and enhance mental alertness. SPEARMINT ESSENTIAL OIL has wide fame for calming headaches, but we’ve noticed it only works for a small population of people. We suggest inhaling RIVERFLOW SPRITZER for fast relief. This unique formula is a blend of some of the best plants for helping balance the functions of your circulatory and nervous systems and is fantastic as reducing headaches.

ENERGY BOOST – Fatigue: Use ENERGY INHALER up to three times per day. Simply hold it up to each individual nostril and inhale deeply once per nostril. Wash and moisturize with FIREFLY products in the daytime. This formula can cause an increase in energy levels. Use the Spritzer for a quick energy boost. Drink SPEARMINT TEA is a refreshing tea that can help reduce fatigue and make you feel happy.