BABY WARRIOR Vegan Bar Cleanser - Alywillow

Vegan No Synthetics Handmade Cruelty Free Made in USA Small Batches No Dyes or Colors

Our baby cleansing bars are 4.8 ounces of pure delight! The Baby Warrior formula smells lightly of frankincense and clove and was specifically designed for diaper rash, clearing infection, and fighting germs.

Perfectly designed with the safest plants, they are Elemental Grade products, which means they are formulated to be safe for daily use by nursing and pregnant women, babies, children under 7, and individuals with hypersensitive skin. These sensitive populations need this light formulation to keep their delicate skin healthy and safe.

When you step into the shower or run a warm bath, the warmth of the water's spray encourages your pores to open up, allowing the ingredients of your soaps, cleansers, shampoos, and conditioners to absorb through the skin and into the body. All Alywillow liquid cleansers and cleansing bars are made 100% of plants, so your baby's skin is only absorbing what nature provides. They are naturally moisturizing and don't contain irritants like lye to dry out the skin or charcoal to throw off the skin's pH. The soaps actually help to balance the pH of the skin over time.

Each soap comes with a free loofah that acts as a drying pad for the soap to sit on and can be used as an exfoliator. Ensure the soap is on the loofah after use to extend the life of your soap even further. When used in the shower from head-to-toe every day, each bar soap will last about a month in the shower.


General use: Use your hands or the loofah to lather the soap directly onto the skin. The soap itself can be used directly on the skin to lather. If you would like to use a washcloth, apply the soap to the skin first to preserve your bar and prevent waste. 

Washing Hair: Lather the soap up between your hands and massage into the scalp. The soap does not contain sulfates, so it will not lather up in the same way a conventional shampoo does, so avoid over-shampooing and even though you can't feel it, remember to rinse well.

Shaving: Lather up with the bar soap for an extra-close shave. The vegetable glycerin base reduces razor burn and extends the life of your razor blade. It is fantastic for both men and women!

Exfoliating: Wet the loofah pad with warm water. There will be a soft side and a rough side. Run the soft side over the skin in circles VERY gently. Rinse your face and the loofah. Squeeze out the excess water from the loofah and set your soap on it to dry. Make sure to move both away from pooled water. The delicate skin of babies and young children does not require exfoliation.

Ingredients: Organic palm oil, organic coconut oil, water, vegetable glycerin, sorbitol (from berries), and Alywillow Baby Formulas. Our products are made without any synthetic chemicals, synthetic fragrances, or synthetic colors and are cruelty-free. If you have allergy concerns, please send us a list of the plants you are allergic to and we will send you an Allergy Report with all of the Alywillow products that are safe for you to use. 

Caution:  In order to create a 'tear-free' cleanser, synthetic chemicals are required and Alywillow only uses real plants. Please avoid the eyes. Our cleansers are so gentle and full of restorative plants that they normally make your skin healthier. If you experience a negative reaction, you may be allergic to one of the plants in the formula.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and should not be taken as medical advice. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any medical conditions. If you are in doubt, always consult your doctor. 

Happiness and Health: Although the effects of our products can be very powerful, the therapeutic effects are not enough to restore your health and joy on their own. Our happiness and health are affected by our overall lifestyle habits, eating habits, relationships, water intake, level of exercise, and exposure to harmful substances. 

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