Helichrysum Essential Oil Organic

NEW!!!!! NEW!!!!  With its fruity and floral aroma, and its restorative benefits, Helichrysum is a great prize in the plant kingdom. It clears the skin and helps your body function better, so you look and feel better. Perhaps this is why it's also called the immortal flower. It grows wild in the Mediterranean regions of Southern Europe and it has small little yellow flowers. It's a time consuming process to harvest it and it's rather dry, so it takes enormous amounts to create just 15mL of essential oil. But it is so worth it! It's famous for its use in perfume and there are many researchers studying helichrysum trying to understand why so many people get benefits from it.

Alywillow essential oils are pure, concentrated plant chemicals that come from flowers, fruits, leaves, resins, twigs, seeds, or roots. These are the same essential oils we use to create over 150 different products. Read our reviews to see the effectiveness of our products. Our essential oils are PURE and considered therapeutic grade. This means they are grown without synthetic chemicals, picked at the peak time, and not processed with solvents. Instead, they are either steam distilled or cold pressed (citruses) and processed in sterile environments.


Plant Part: Flower
Botanical Name: Helichrysum italicum
Origin: Bosnia
Extraction Method: Steam Distilled
Consistency: Thin Color: Golden yellow liquid
Safe Dermal Dilution:
Aromatic Scent: floral and fruity
Organic Certification

ORAC Value:  17,420 µTE/100g 

Bottle: Amber glass Size: 15mL (approx 300 drops)

Therapeutic Properties:

Anti-Inflammatory (Reduces inflammation), Anti-Allergenic (Prevents allergies), Anti-Aging (Slows aging), Diuretic (Increased urination), Sedative (Relaxes the body and mind), Oneirogen (Increases dreaming) and mild Astringent (Causes the contraction of body tissues), anticoagulant (thins the blood), nervine (strengths and protects your nervous system from disorders), antibacterial (fights infection, fever and disinfects), expectorant (reduces phlegm), mucolytic (promotes thinning of hardened mucus), Hepatic (soothes the liver)

How can it do these things?

Essential oils are not medicine and these benefits don't come from drugs or synthetics. Its therapeutic properties come from its unique chemical structure (these are natural chemicals, not laboratory made). For instance, helichrysum's primary chemical constituent, neryl acetate, is an ester that contributes to the oils' calming characteristics. When pharma companies are able to synthesize the properties that cause these benefits, they patent them and try to create FDA approved medicines. We think it's beautiful that you can also enjoy the benefits of nature, just the way nature made it. ;-) Plus, no one can patent plants - so helichrysum is available to everyone.

Calming (means sleepy)

Any way you use it, tea or essential oil, it is known to help reduce feelings of mental exhaustion and burnout.  We also offer the dried herb as a loose tea which can be consumed nightly for its great benefits. But, be careful, this plant is very calming. It helps reduce insomnia, and it is part of our 'don't drink and drive' tea collection because you will probably get sleepy if you use too much.

Clearing infections and restoring vitality...

Just like our products containing our Warrior formula, Helichrysum has helped clear the skin of staph infections, abscesses, and it reduces sagginess in the skin (which is why people rave about its anti-aging abilities). And like our Breathe Inhaler, it has also been reported to help reduce the symptoms of pneumonia and improve the health of your lungs.

Protecting you!

It has powerful anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. Of course, we already create products from other plants that offer these benefits, like our Warrior products and our Fortify Medicinal Plant Serum, but the difference is that Helichrysum, which will probably make you sleepy, can also reduce swelling.

Less inflammation means a better quality of life: 

Why is inflammation such a big deal? Most of us have discomfort in various areas of our body every day, and this swelling, or inflammation, is one of the leading causes of aging and damage to our internal organs, joints, and nerves. Using Helichrysum, or one of our other anti-inflammatory products on a daily basis, like Minty Relief and Riverflow, can really help your body function better and reduce your overall pain and discomfort. Suffering from chronic inflammation? Add about 6 drops of Helichrysum to one ounce of moisturizer and rub it on every night, or drink the herbal tea. When you do this at night, your body has many hours to recover and repair from the daily damage it experiences. Overtime, this can have a profound effect on your overall health and well-being.

The research goes on...

Helichrysum has even been reported to fight the parasite that causes malaria, and this experience has been repeated in the test tube. As a cruelty-free company, we don't test anything on animals and we don't support those who do, but I did read a report recently that rats receiving helichrysum gained less weight, had lower insulin levels, and reduced insulin resistance. It sounds like they got healthier (thank goodness for that)! The reason behind that research was to try to understand why helichrysum seems to help our metabolism.

Ways you can use it

It can be used internally as a tea, however, essential oils should never be consumed internally. Instead, apply them externally and allow your body to soak in the goodness. Use Helichrysum for inflammatory conditions, minor digestive complaints, gall bladder disorders, water retention, rheumatism, cystitis, ulcers, coughs, colds, fever, chronic inflammation, insomnia, wound, and anti-aging properties.

  • Steam Helichrysum through a diffuser (or in a pot on your stove) for up to 2 hours and stay within 10 feet of the diffuser so you can enjoy the benefits.
  • Make a spritzer to inhale it - 6 drops to an ounce or distilled water. Then, spritz and inhale whenever you want a little mental break.
  • Add it to your favorite moisturizers - 6 drops to an ounce of moisturizer.
  • Use the loose dried herb to make tea at night. Follow the directions on the tea bag for proper preparation.
  • It supports your respiratory system, use it if you have chronic sinus issues, are experiencing cold and flu symptoms, coughs, or other lung or respiratory issues.
  • It supports your spleen and liver, so they function in a more balanced and healthy way.


Do not use helichrysum if you are about to have surgery (as it thins the blood), are already on blood thinners, are pregnant, or nursing.


By Aliya Trinity, Founder of Alywillow

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