Collection: Deodorants

Our deodorants are now in glass bottles! Updated photos are coming soon.

Have you ever wondered why armpits smell? Well, the smell that comes from our armpits is emitted by the bacteria that breaks down our nutrient-rich sweat. So, when we use a deodorant stick, we are essentially smearing bacteria and sweat in a product that we rub back into our armpits everyday! To kill the blend of bacteria, conventional deodorants use synthetic chemicals and Aluminum-based ingredients that may protect our noses but not our health. 

That's why we created a pure-plant, Aluminum-free spray deodorant that can control the germs that cause odor but is gentle enough for daily use. Our deodorants avoid damaging ingredients like Tea Tree Oil and utilize only gentle plants that are safe, non-toxic, and still incredibly effective. After washing, simply shake the bottle, spray it a few times into your clean hand, and apply it to your armpits. Allow the product to dry before putting on clothing. Luckily, the spray dries very quickly!

For more intense odors, the deodorant should be combined with a Warrior Upside-Down Cleanser as a pre-soak to control excessive bacterial growth. To use, apply the cleanser to the armpits 2-5 minutes prior to showering. After the shower, use your preferred deodorant formula as directed. 

To pick a deodorant, think about a scale of odor from 1 to 10, 10 being the strongest odor and 1 being the mildest. We provide 4 main options to choose from to get the right level of scent-control for you. 

Odor-blocking Level of 1-5: Raindrop Deodorant. This deodorant is Elemental Grade, meaning it is suitable for daily use by pregnant or nursing women, babies, epileptics, hypersensitive individuals and children under 7. 

Odor-blocking Level of 1-9: Raindrop Deodorant and Warrior Upside-Down Cleanser. Use the Warrior Upside-Down Cleanser as a pre-soak and apply the deodorant normally after your shower. While the deodorant is Elemental Grade, the Warrior Formula is Therapeutic and should not be used by anyone under 7, nursing women, pregnant women in their first trimester, and epileptics. 

Odor-blocking Level of 1-8: Triple Strength DeodorantThis deodorant is appropriate for most people and is very effective for daily use. It is suitable for daily use by ages 7 and up. 

Odor-blocking Level of 1-10: Triple Strength Deodorant and Warrior Upside-Down CleanserUse the Warrior Upside-Down Cleanser as a pre-soak and apply the deodorant normally after your shower. This combination will help control bacteria and eliminate even the worst odors. 

Our products are made without any synthetic chemicals, synthetic fragrances, or synthetic colors and are cruelty-free.