Collection: Safety Grade - THERAPEUTIC

How can using Alywillow products give you therapeutic benefits like less stress, better skin, stronger nails, less wrinkles, happy hormones, and more energy? When you wash, moisturize, and even breathe, your body absorbs the ingredients of the things around you and Alywillow products are made with plants and minerals that offer natural chemicals that help your body function better.

Your body absorbs much of what you put on it and Alywillow products are free of all synthetic ingredients, non-toxic, and cruelty free. So instead of your body being bombarded with synthetic and harsh chemicals, our gentle ingredients are helping your body fight germs and reduce problems such as inflammation, acne, wrinkles, and stress... all while boosting the health of your skin to make you look and feel younger! It has much to do with the communication system of your body (your nervous system) and the wisdom of Alywillow products

Everyone can use our Therapeutic products when needed! But, if you are 7 years or older you can enjoy them everyday - from head to toe - as much as you want - for the rest of your life.

The safety standards of our THERAPEUTIC line surpass European safety standards (which are the highest in the world) which ensure our products can be enjoyed every day of your life! They are probably the most gentle and versatile products you have ever used. Choose your favorite formula or mix them up to improve your life. The cleansers will leave your skin feeling soft, the moisturizers are nourishing, and the spritzers help you feel better.Enjoy them DAILY from head to toe for the rest of your life!

The Ten Formulas


Enjoy the very soft scent of floral and mint while increasing happy hormone production and better feelings with less stress. Encourages optimism and an uplifted transformation.


If you enjoy baby powder, you will adore the scent of Dragonfly as it helps relax anxiety and anger issues, and restores your body with live-giving nutrients that have anti-aging effects from head to toe and a balancing effect on feminine cycles.

Lavender Fields

Imagine a field of lavender blended with a strong base of frankincense to support the functions of your nervous system and glandular systems all while feeling calming and seeing younger looking skin. 


This minty blend is perfect for morning and mid-afternoon as it gives you a boost of energy. Spritz to enhance mental clarity, easier breathing, and during cold season to reduce congestion. 


Inspired by the sea for restoring balance to your hormones so you feel better. Feels and smells like a spa, with calming and refreshing plants that can even ease hot flashes when spritzed.


Most people choose this for it's beautiful lemongrass and geranium scents, but the full formula is very complex and also gives you very smooth skin. It's excellent for anyone suffering from dry or itchy skin conditions and helps balance oil production and clear acne.

Lemon Laughs

This lemony formula has a touch of patchouli and even turmeric to help reduce skin blemishes and lighten skin tones for nearly perfect skin. Enjoyed by the young and old - those with acne and those with age spots and scars. 

Sweet Magic

Some simply refer to this as 'happy magic' as the formula helps the body balance your hormone levels but also create more of the hormones that make you happy. It offers emotional relief and has a sweet scent and is very suitable for those who aren't used to the natural scents of our other products. 


As our most versatile formula, Warrior products not only help remove harmful things from your body (mold, bacteria, fungi, psoriasis, eczema, infections, and more), they also help support your nervous and circulatory system, reduce overall body inflammation, and defend you from invading microbes and cellular degradation which slows down the signs of aging.


Using the power of cedar (protection) and sage (for clearing), this formula fights bacteria, clears symptoms of cystic acne, supports your nervous system, and helps you feel balanced, protected, and renewed.