Collection: Facial Spritzers

Your facial program isn't complete without a spritzer. They are hydrating, refreshing, and restorative. Just shake the bottle, close your eyes, and spray 4-6 times directly on your face. Take a deep breath and enjoy the uplifting qualities....ahhhh! You will feel better and your skin will be refreshed!

They are absorbed into your skin rapidly, so there is no need to rub it in. Each time you spritz your skin, you're absorbing the nutrients of the formula. Choose from anti-aging, anti-acne, and even hormone balancing. You can also use them any time of day, during your daily facial and whenever else you desire them! The molecules are so small, they will even go through your makeup with no problem. Spritzers will help you feel refreshed and many of our customers keep a few extra available... at work, in their handbag, by the bed, etc...  If you have allergies to any plants, review our ingredients

Choose by Benefit:

  • Anti-acne: Lemon Laughs, Wildwood
  • Anti-cystic acne: Sagerow, Warrior
  • Anti-aging: Warrior, Firefly, Lavender Fields, Dragonfly, Sagerow, and Chocomojo
  • Oil Balancing: Arrow, Sagerow, and Wildwood
  • Hormonal Balancing: Sweet Magic, Seawillow, Lemon Laughs, Butterfly
  • Stress Relieving: Sagerow, Warrior, Sweet Magic, Seawillow, Butterfly, Dragonfly, ChocoMojo

Choose by Formula:

  • ARROW: Best for oily or combination skin as it helps teach your skin to balance the production of skin oils. Excellent for anyone with a t-zone problem. Over time the goal is to bring your skin to a more normal oil production.
  • SAGEROW: Lessens fine lines & wrinkles, painful blemishes (such as cystic acne), and scars. OIL-reducing. Strong scents of sage & cedarwood.
  • WARRIOR: Lessens fine lines & wrinkles, painful blemishes such as cystic acne, and scars. Light scent of clove & frankincense.
  • SWEET MAGIC: Helps the body increase the production of happy hormones which reduces stress and helps you feel better. Sweet scents of lavender & ylang ylang.
  • LEMON LAUGHS: Lightens and brightens your skin while reducing blemishes, acne, scars, and ages spots. Give a more even skin-tone appearance... glowing and bright! Powerful scent of patchouli & lemons.
  • WILDWOOD: Reduces blemishes, helps lessen itchy skin issues. Uplifting scents of lemongrass & geranium.
  • SEAWILLOW: Designed for body spas, soothing, very light scent, helps balance hormone levels. Scents reminiscent of lavender and citruses.
  • FIREFLY: Energizing formula that helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Excellent choice for mornings so you can start the day invigorated. Warm minty scent.
  • LAVENDER FIELDS: Reduces fine lines and wrinkles. It's an excellent choice for evenings to help you calm down and rest. Lingering scents of Lavender and Frankincense.
  • DRAGONFLY: Reduces fine lines and wrinkles, improves complexion, helps normalize a woman's cycle, helps calm anger and promotes more peaceful feelings. Floral scent similar to baby powder and amber.
  • BUTTERFLY: Helps increase the body's production of happy hormones, reduces stress and anxiety. A light soft floral scent.
  • RIVERFLOW: Designed to help reduce pain and swelling.
  • CHOCOMOJO: Not only is cocoa known to be an aphrodisiac (we do love it), it is also anti-aging, stimulates the brain, and supports your circulatory system (so you feel better).