Do you have painful blemishes or itchy areas on your face? Make sure you have chosen soaps in the Warrior Formula or Wildwood. Additionally, our spot treatment will help make those persistent and painful areas clear faster. There are 300+ drops in a bottle, and one drop is enough to use in one application, so it will last a while.

We recommend you start with FORTIFY. It is easier to use than GoAway and offers fantastic results. Fortify also has a myriad of other uses as well and is one of the must-haves we recommend for your home, or whenever you travel or go on vacation. You will receive a flyer with instructions explaining how it can be used to help reduce a fever, sanitize and disinfect, fight colds & flu, convince a tick to withdraw from your skin, and so much more!

This spot treatment is not for skin discolorations. If you have dark spots or skin discolorations, you should choose Lemon Laughs in soaps or moisturizer. Lemon Laughs is a combination of gentle plants (including patchouli) that will gradually have even your skin tones.