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Our GRATITUDE PERFUME 101 is a celebration, bursting forth with the combined scent of over 26 plants. We have so much to be grateful for, and we'd like to celebrate with this delightful blend. If you like the sweetness of gardenias and jasmine, then you are going to love GRATITUDE PERFUME 101!  It doesn't exactly smell like them, but it's the kind of scent you're going to want to breathe in deeply, over and over... simply mesmerizing! GRATITUDE PERFUME 101 includes many sweet treats of nature and is here to remind us all to bring more appreciation, thankfulness, and gratitude into our lives, with every breath we take!

This is a limited run item!

Let us explain... the scent of plants changes from season to season and this recipe contains over 26 plants, meaning, we expect it to have a slightly different scent every time we make a batch. For this reason, we can not guarantee the scent will be exactly the same next time we make this product. This is why the next batch will be GRATITUDE PERFUME 102. 

    Pure and Long Lasting...

    • Pure and concentrated... This is not an 'eau de toilette'. It is a true and pure perfume and the scent is much more intense than other Alywillow products. Just a little goes a long way. This scent will linger... just one squirt is enough.
    • Long-lasting... Our 1oz glass black bottle was chosen to allow your perfume to last for years. Just store it in a cool, dry place when you aren't using it (not in a window sill, car, or bathroom). 
    • Safe and free of synthetics... There are no phthalates (which can be so harmful) and yet this perfume will still last you for years, as we are experts with plants and know how to combine them for a long life. 
    • Allergy safe... Most people who are allergic to perfumes will not be allergic to this. However, if your skin is ultra sensitive, use it on your clothing instead of your skin. If you are allergic to white flowers or too many flowers, please avoid this.
    • Clothing... Some of the plants in here are a little dark, so don't spray it on your white clothing. Instead, use it on your skin or on dark clothing. 

    There are no synthetic ingredients and no alcohol...

    • Just like every other Alywillow product, this doesn't contain any synthetics - only plants.
    • There are no artificial or synthetic scents or colors.
    • It is alcohol-free and non-toxic.
    • Witch hazel (which is a plant) has been added to help carry the scent and help it last. This alters the true scent only for about 20 seconds before it evaporates, then you are left with only the incredible fragrance of GRATITUDE PERFUME 101.
    • This natural perfume is made of witch hazel and essential oils and nothing else. As always, if you have any allergies to the plants on our Ingredient List, please let us know BEFORE using this product so we can make sure it is safe for you.
    • If you are allergic to white flowers, citruses or balsams, pregnant, nursing, or are considered ultra sensitive, you should probably not use this perfume. Ask for a sample strip if you want to smell before purchasing.

    Protect Your Health from Toxic Scents

    Many commercial perfumes contain synthetic chemicals that can be very damaging to your body. Such as styrene, phthalates, musk ketone, benzaldehyde, benzyl acetate, camphor, ethyl acetate, and more. Over time they can cause all sorts of problems from cancer, decreasing IQ, sperm damage, obesity, abdominal pain, kidney damage, reproductive organ damage, dizziness, convulsions, to nervous system disorders. 

    The good news is that we don't use any synthetic chemicals in any of the Alywillow products. Companies use those low quality, toxic ingredients to increase profit margins, but our mission is different. We use the best ingredients to help protect your body and health - while giving you wonderful products at the same time.

    We have finally released "Gratitude 101" - a completely non-toxic and luxuriously smelling natural perfume. You can rest assured it has been created with the same integrity as the rest of our products, which are supportive of both your health and desire for natural beauty. 


    Would you like a small sample vial so you can try it before buying? Look on the drop down menu and above and choose the 1/2mL sample vial. It's a small amount, but enough for you to enjoy  and experience Gratitude. We hope you'll love it enough to order your own bottle.  Please limit one sample vial to a customer, as it's time consuming and labor intensive for us to make these little things. 

    Golden Gratitude

    The profits from the sale of our Gratitude Perfume go into our new psoriasis relief program, Golden Gratitude, where our goal is to bring more relief to the people who suffer from psoriasis. We appreciate your help!


    • Ask our team: Wondering what is best for you? Just ask us!
    • Healthy Life: Our products offer many great benefits, yet they are not enough to restore your health and joy by themselves. Read 10 Steps to Healthy Skin to learn how your health and happiness are affected by your life choices.
    • Shifting colors, scents, and textures: Our products are made from plants and plants vary from one harvest to the next. This may cause a variation in color, scent, or texture in our products. It is completely normal and expected from Truly Natural Products
    • Avoid your eyes: If it gets into your eyes, flush with water or full fat milk (for oil based products, including essential oils).
    • External use only. Do not consume.
    • Cruelty-free and Dog Friendly: We create over 150 VEGAN products from plants and minerals. They are 100% natural and contain no synthetic chemicals. We don’t test them on animals, but you can review our Dog and Pet information to understand more how your pets can benefit from using Alywillow products.
    • Pregnant & Nursing women: Avoid this product. Many Alywillow products are safer than anything you can find on the market, however, some plants should not be used during this time. Please refer to our Pregnant and Nursing page for more information.
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    • Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and therefore should not be taken as medical advice. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any medical conditions. If you are in doubt, always consult your doctor.
    • USA: We make over 150 products, right here in the USA, using only plants and minerals.


    Love Yourself - Love Your Life - Love Your Earth - Love Alywillow

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    Patricia Hedden

    The scent is so beautiful and natural, it's like I going through a magical forest. I so love it, it's an unisex perfume, not flowery at all and makes me feel good. This is the best perfume I ever owned.

    Thank you for your kind words, Patricia. We are delighted that you love Gratitude 101 and are so proud to offer a 100% natural perfume!