Empowering Tips to Relieve Discomforts Related to Menopause

No matter what kind of tricks you try, the speed at which women age accelerates 3x faster between the ages of 50 and 60 than other time in our life. It's not just about getting more wrinkles and greying hair. Menopause is a natural phase in a woman's life that brings about various changes - physical, emotional, and hormonal. While everyone experiences bone loss, muscle loss, and loss of nutrients, some don't suffer and for others it can be a challenging time. Below you will find numerous empowering tips that can help relieve a great deal of discomforts related to menopause. Remember, it's important to consult with your doctor if you have any questions or doubts, as some symptoms may indicate more serious conditions.

Three Stages of Menopause

Knowing the stage of life you are in, helps you handle the changes better. Listen to your body and understand that your symptoms can be different than everyone you know. Regardless of the stage you find yourself in... the symptoms can be make every day more difficult. We've found many ways to help you find relief....

  1. Peri menopause: This first stage starts 8-10 years before menopause, when the ovaries gradually produce less estrogen.
  2. Menopause: You’re there when you no longer have menstrual cycles (for 12 months) and the ovaries have stopped releasing eggs. Collagen in the skin decreases and aging increases.
  3. Post menopause: Many symptoms ease once your past menopause, but risk increase for osteoporosis and heart disease. Many of our products, especially Warrior and Riverflow, as well as our herbal teas can help strengthen and support many systems of your body when used in combination with a healthy, nutrient filled diet and plenty of physical movement.
Red Clover

Red Clover Tea

Our roots are native, and many Native American tribes have been drinking Red Clover Tea for generations - to reduce all symptoms of menopause. Red Clover Tea is a great source of calcium, chromium, magnesium, niacin, phosphorus, potassium, thiamine, and vitamin C – boosting the health of your body. Science has shown us it also helps improve breast health and cholesterol levels, improves circulation, and feeds much needed nutrients to help keep your bones strong. Most importantly, it is considered one of the richest sources of isoflavones (which act like estrogen) for the body.




Which happening to you?

Here are some tips to help make your life more enjoyable:

Do you need to LOWER THE HEAT?

    • Drink Cold liquids vs hot liquids. This means cold coffee, cold herbal teas, and cold soups. You can always put your drinks and food into the fridge to cool them down.
      • Take a break from the hot spices. If you continue to eat them, you will continue to fuel the heat of the body.
        • Wash in cool water. Cool baths and showers can help bring your body temperature down very quickly.
          • Dress in Layers. Tank tops with light jackets will allow your body to breathe better. You can add or remove clothing as needed.
            • Choose breathable fabrics. Bamboo and Cotton clothing, especially undergarments, will allow the air to more easily circulate around your body.
              • Plantain Herbal Tea. Drink a glass a day to help lower internal body heat. It's also has a internal cleansing action, so don't drink too much or you'll stay in the bathroom. Try brewing a pitcher of tea with Plantain and Red Clover, then store it in the refrigerator and have one 8 oz glass every morning.

                Decreased sex drive

                  • Choose the Happy Hormone Formulas (Sweet Magic and Butterfly) for daily use for a more relaxed and playful state - to feel better.
                    • Drink the DAMIANA HERBAL TEA. This has been used in the Americans by many indigenous cultures to increase sexual desire in men and women.    


                      Cramping Issues

                        • The high levels of vitamins in the Rose bud Tea are delightful with uplifting properties and can also ease cramping issues.
                          • Products containing MINTY RELIEF, RIVERFLOW, AND SAGEROW formulas can also help ease cramping (and the residual soreness you experience afterwards).


                            Night Sweats

                              • Circulate the air in your room. Stale air can make night sweats more uncomfortable.
                              • Get breathable mattresses, pillows and linens. Remember, fungi like to grow in warm, moist environments, so wash your sheets regularly to reduce the chances of fungal growth in your sheets and on your skin. Check out our itchy skin solutions if you think this is already a problem.
                              • Drinking Red Clover Tea daily can help reduce night sweats and may be all you need.
                                • But, keep a bottle of Seawillow Spritzer by the bed to cool you off - just in case the happen.


                                    Skin Collagen Levels Dropping

                                      • Try drinking a few cups of Burdock Root Herbal Tea daily to help your skin’s health.
                                        • Level 4 and Level 5 moisturizers (in every formula) will help feed nutrients to the proteins (elastin and collagen) of the skin. Your skin can stay healthier and thicker for longer.
                                          • Our FEATHERAY Eye Cream has the highest level of age defying ingredients to keep your skin looking as young as possible. You can also use it anywhere… around your eyes, on your entire face, chest, arms, hands, etc…


                                            Hot Flashes

                                              • Bamboo or cotton linens and clothing will help make you more comfortable.    
                                                • Choose your favorite spritzer for immediate relief – Seawillow, Sweet Magic, and Butterfly are reported by our customers to be the best. Keep it easily available (in your purse, at your desk, next to your bed) for any time you need it.


                                                  Lumpy or Tender Breast Issues

                                                    • Red Clover has helped reduced lumpy breast issues for some women.
                                                      • This is usually a sign of low Vitamin E levels, so add foods high in Vitamin E to your diet, or take supplements. There are so many foods to choose from... such as red sweet pepper, sunflower seeds, chard, avocados, peanuts, turnip greens, beet greens, butternut squash, broccoli, etc... Remember, the fresher you eat them (raw, steamed, or lightly sauteed), the more nutrients you'll get.
                                                        • If your breast are painful or tender, use the RIVERFLOW and MINTY RELIEF moisturizers to massage them.
                                                          • Make sure you are getting regular mammograms.


                                                            Vaginal Dryness and/or Pelvic Pain

                                                              • Our cleansers are moisturizing - so wash everywhere!
                                                                • Also, Level 4 and Level 5 moisturizers (in all formulas) are excellent lubricates. They won't disrupt your sensitive pH levels and they have an excellent glide.
                                                                • Make sure you do your keagle exercises, especially as you age. It only takes 3 days to lose muscle tone. Those muscles help prevent leakage and can keep your muscles in this area functioning properly for other things.
                                                                • If your muscles are weak in this area, it can lead to major medical problems. Additionally, pain in this area should always be discussed with your doctor.


                                                                  Mood Swings & other emotional concerns

                                                                    • Spritz your favorite formula or use the STRESS RELIEF INHALER.
                                                                      • Wash and moisturize daily with the  Happy Hormone formulas.
                                                                        • Drink Rosehip or Rose bud Teas.    


                                                                          Increased Bathroom Visits and Water absorption

                                                                          • Extra bathroom visits in the middle of the night can be bothersome, so drink lots of water in the morning & afternoon, then decrease it in the evening so you can rest well at night.
                                                                          • Although you still need between 32-64oz of water daily, so your organs can function properly, don't drink much water during meals or it can dilute your stomach acids. You need those for proper digestion.
                                                                          • Plus, use Himalayan Mineral Salt on your food as it helps balance water absorption in the body. It also helps balance pH levels and can improve the health of your circulatory and nervous system, while feeding your bones and organs much needed nutrients.


                                                                          Bone and Muscle Health

                                                                            • Drinking Red Clover Tea and eating whole foods high in vitamins can help support your bone and muscle health.
                                                                              • Muscle loss happens in as little as 3 days and that time shortens as we age which means we need to work out more as we get older. Breakouts and Clear Skin
                                                                                • Himalayan Mineral Salt helps improve your bone and organ health.


                                                                                  FOR THE BEST EFFECT, DO THESE DAILY...

                                                                                  Every cell in your body needs enough hydration, nutrition, and movement. When you cells are healthy, your body is healthier...

                                                                                  • Increase your nutrition through the things you eat. Consider the nutritional value of your food and choose fresh veggies and fruits, clean sources of protein, and drink plenty of water. Your body is made of cells that need the right chemical balance to function well. I highly recommend Himalayan Mineral Salt Crystals to help your body absorb water and for the proper intake of alkaline elements, sodium, potassium, and calcium, for the proper energy flow, stronger bones, and to keep your blood pressure more normal.
                                                                                  • Stillness is your enemy. Move your body often and increase your flexibility, because stillness brings decay. This happens in the forest, in happens to food, and it happens to your body. When you don't move a joint, it stops being able to move. So add dancing, yoga, swimming, and stretching into your life.
                                                                                  • Hydrate so every cell and organ in your body can function better. How much water should you drink? Consider your weight, divide it by 3 and then drink that number in ounces. If you weight 180 pounds/3= 60 ounces of water a day.
                                                                                  • Enjoy a Daily Download of Alywillow to make every day better. In the Native American traditions, plants are our cousins and they are here to help make life better for us. When you are washing and moisturizing with Alywillow, your body is downloading the benefits of over 200 plants that help support the functions of your body.
                                                                                  • And, and did I mention... drink RED CLOVER TEA everyday.

                                                                                  OUR INDIGENOUS ANCESTORS TELL US

                                                                                  Many indigenous cultures feel a woman in her ‘wise years’ receives higher levels of wisdom from nature and that wisdom manifest itself as heat and energy in the body. Try to Imagine your body has wisdom that burns as a 5 watt light bulb, but now as you have entered your wise years there are 15 watts of wisdom energy traveling through your body - and it's overheating and becoming more chaotic due to the lack of a structure to hold more energy, within your body. The more balanced you are with nature and your inner self, the more structure to hold the increased energy without the chaos and overload.  Aliya Trinity, the founder of Alywillow, shares a course called Manual for Life that helps you learn to balance your body’s energy which helps make life better in so many ways, including a reduction of menopause symptoms.


                                                                                  Alywillow is committed to improve your well-being and provide support during this transitional phase of life through natural options that support the body and we are here to answer any questions you may have. . Before science, we had plants. Now, we have both.


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