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RECHARGE helps reset your Circadian Rhythm to help you sleep better and stay awake - at the right times.

It's a miserable feeling when you don't sleep well, especially when this happens on a regular basis. Did you know your body has an internal clock that helps it know when to do certain processes like 'go to sleep' and 'wake up'. Unfortunately this master clock is directly influenced by environmental issues and sometimes your clock gets completely confused. 

You might even be sabatoging your sleep cycle without realizing it.  Did you know that caffeine and sugar can energize the cells of your body for up to 12 hours?  So, if you had a sweet treat anytime after 12 noon, your cells aren't really ready to sleep until 10-12 hours later. You may have noticed this effect when you laid down to go to sleep only to realize that your body and brain are WIDE AWAKE.

This gift set includes our Sleep Better, Feel Better flyer which gives you great guidance for a better sleep cycle. It will point out various ways you may be sabatoging you sleep pattern and show you great ways to establish a healthy night time routine that will enhance your sleep. Our goal is restablish a healthy circadian rhythm in your body - so you sleep better and feel better.

This set includes these items to energize your body gently for a more successful day...

  • FIREFLY Bar Cleanser – Start each morning with FIREFLY in your shower. Anti-aging benefits means it’s great for your skin and gives you a boost of energy to start your day off right! 4.8oz solid facial and body cleanser.
  • FIREFLY Spritzer – Spritz your environment with FIREFLY to stay alert. A few deep inhales can push you past a nap and have you feeling refreshed in just minutes.
  • ENERGY Inhaler - Keep your ENERGY INHALER close at hand so you can use it when you get tired. Inhale deeply up to 3 times a day.

This set includes these items to help coax your body to sleep for a more restful night...

  • STRESS RELIEF Inhaler – Contains 20 plants to ease your worried mind of stress and anxiety. Just inhale and relax. Enjoy this calming experience up to 3x a day.
  • Lavender Fields UDC – In the evening you will enjoy this calming and restorative cleanser. Just wash your face or your entire body, breathe in the scent, and allow your body to relax.
  • ISLAND RAIN Medicinal Serum – This medicinal grade spray is designed to help you gently fall asleep and enjoy a full night of peaceful sleep. When you wake up in the morning, you will feel great and ready to start your day fresh!

Sleepy Teas

We didn't include any of our sleep teas in this set, but adding their herbal delights to your nightly routine is a great idea. You can drink them hot or cold. You can also choose one to help with full body inflammation or other health issues you experience. Check out our Herbal Tea page to see all your options. Here is a list of the sleepy teas you should focus on...

    • Calendula Flower
    • Helichrysum
    • Lavender Buds
    • Lemongrass
    • Mullein Leaves
    • Plantain Leaf
    • Passion flower leaves
    • Lemon Verbena
    • Wild Cherry Bark

Chronic Pain

Is your chronic pain preventing you from sleeping well or from getting up in the morning? If this is your case, add one of our topical pain relievers to your set - Riverflow and Minty Relief. They are made completely of plants and you apply a layer to the area of pain (or swelling) every 10 minutes until you get the level of pain relief you desire. If your pain is from head to toe, wash in the cleansers instead. This will help you sleep and function throughout the day so much better! Plus, there are no drugs to take and no pills to pop. These products are very effective and you may get more pain relief than you expect.  ;-)


You can add a gift card or gift box to your order. These cards and boxes are made of 100% recycled materials are a great way to package your gift set. We fill the boxes with natural fibers inside that snuggles every item - and they look great!

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