Wash, moisturize your skin, or spritz with Minty Relief Medicinal products to help relieve pain & swelling, restore damaged tissue, and reduce bruising. This botanical blend of 14 plants is fresh and invigoratingknown to penetrate deep into the skin assisting your circulatory system, respiratory system, nervous system, and muscular system. In addition, it stimulates circulation and helps increase energy levels just from washing and moisturizing. The faster you apply this formula to bumps and bruises, the faster you get relief and your body can jump-start repair.

  • Minty Relief Soaps: For general aches and pains throughout the body.
  • Minty Relief Spritzers: Shake, spray and inhale for sinus relief or spray onto your scalp for head pains. 
  • Minty Relief Moisturizers: Use in specific areas of pain such as knee pain or back pain. Level 3 is for normal skin, Level 4 is for dry skin, and Level 5 is for ultra dry skin that is chapped or cracked.
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