Alywillow moisturizers are real moisturizers, providing restorative nutrients and continuing to draw moisture into your skin for hours after application. On the other hand, lotions create a seal on your skin that can appear to moisturize, but instead, they sit on top of your skin, sealing in the dryness and they can easily sweat off when you get hot. 

Unlike lotions, real moisturizers provide moisture and help repair the skin over time. Because they fully absorb, they don’t sit on your skin to leave you feeling greasy and Alywillow moisturizers are 100% vegan and made with organic ingredients. They provide your skin with protection from the wear-and-tear of daily life and the elements of nature. Our moisturizers are made of pure plants with no mineral oils, synthetic chemicals, or added water, meaning you only need to apply a little bit to your skin because they are CONCENTRATED goodness (see our ingredient list here). Though completely natural, Alywillow moisturizers do not need to be refrigerated. Simply maintain normal humidity levels and store at temperatures between 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit (in your home) to keep loving your moisturizer for its whole 2-year shelf-life.

We formulate over 40 moisturizers and every one of them is safe to use on your face, hair, or body. However, there are many formulas and different levels, so you can choose the best option for your life. Just like our soaps can be used on your hair (with incredible results), our moisturizers can be used as hair conditions (leave in or rinse out - your choice). Read here for more information on Natural Hair Care

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