Collection: Moisturizers

We formulate over 40 moisturizers for your body, face, & hair. Some are great for babies & stretch marks, and some can even be used for dogs. All of them are cruelty free, free of synthetics, and concentrated. There is so much goodness...

  • PURE & FRESH: We make our moisturizers from scratch, using over 200 pure plants and minerals that nourish your skin. Plus we make small batches, to ensure freshness. Even the colors, scents, and preservatives are derived from plants. You can see our entire ingredient list.
  • GOODNESS OF NATURE: 100% vegan with no alcohol, fillers, no mineral oil, and no added water. Our goal is to download the goodness of nature into your body, every time you moisturize. You'll only need to apply a little bit, because
    they are highly CONCENTRATED. Your body is going to love them!
  • DEEP NOURISHMENT: Our moisturizers go deep into your skin providing nutrients for your body, increasing collagen, and helping your skin stay firm and more youthful. Apply them any time of day! Their humectant properties give you 6-12 hours of protection (depending on the level you choose) from the wear-and-tear of daily life and the elements of nature.
  • HIGHLY VERSATILE: They are very versatile, and they moisturize everything! Enjoy their firming abilities on your body and your face. You can also use them in feminine areas, as lubricants, and some of them are great as hair conditioners.

Understanding the benefits of our formulas:  

Choose our Unscented moisturizers and you will get a fantastic natural moisturizer, but it will be missing our therapeutic or medicinal formulas. We created these formulas so you can get extra benefits when moisturizing. Check it out...

  • Enjoy Anti-aging benefitsSagerow, Warrior, Firefly, Lavender Fields, Dragonfly, Level 2 Intensive Night-time Treatment, and Featheray - our best selling face and eye cream!
  • Stressed out? Try our hormonal balancing options - Sweet Magic, Lemon Laughs, Seawillow, and Butterfly.
  • Antibacterial & Antiviral benefits - these formulas Sagerow, Warrior, Lemon Laughs, and Firefly can give you great protection every time you wash and moisturize.
  • Pain Relief: Reducing inflammation and pain are gentle and easy with our Minty Relief and Riverflow moisturizers. Rub them on in layers every 20 minutes, until you get the relief you need.
  • Choose a formula because you adore its scent - the best way to smell all our natural scents is to order the Therapeutic Sample Set.
  • Great for babies - Unscented is great for everyday, but Warrior can clear a diaper rash faster than anything else! We have lots of products great for your baby. Check them out!
  • Fight psoriasis – If you want real relief, get the StarBright Set. You have never seen anything clear psoriasis like this.
  • Clear up eczema and other rashes – Level 3 or Level 4 in the Warrior and Wildwood formulas are best. For the best results, wash in those formulas too!
  • Enjoy more even skin tones - Lemon Laughs is the best for lightening your skin and helping it look more even. It's also great for scars, as in the Warrior formula.
  • Boost of Energy! The Firefly formula gives you an extra boost of energy to get through the day.
  • Want some help? Helping people is our passion. That's why we do this. We'd like to show you how to be kind to yourself. Just contact us.

Alywillow moisturizers are not lotions.

  • Lotions often appear to moisturize, but what they are really doing is sitting on top of your skin, sealing in the dryness. Your skin doesn’t get healthier and if you get hot, you can easily sweat them off.
  • Unlike lotions, Alywillow moisturizers don't sit on the surface of your skin, and you can't sweat them off. Our moisturizers will also not block your pores. Instead, they absorb into many layers of your skin carrying nourishment to improve the quality of your skin. Plus, their long-lasting humectant properties pull moisture in from even the driest environment to hydrate your skin for hours after you apply them.
  • Just like our cleansers, many of our moisturizers can be used on your hair with wonderful results. They work best for those with dry or frizzy hair. Read here for more information on Natural Hair Care.

Synthetic Free & Nut-Free

  • No nuts
    NATURAL VARIATIONS - Since our products are made from plants, you will sometimes notice variation in color, scent, or texture. This is completely normal and expected. If you think about it, this variation is a true sign of a truly natural product. Only synthetic products have incredible consistency - with the same scent, color, and texture since their ingredients are artificially replicated.
  • NUT-FREE recipes - Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4 are free of all nuts! Only the Level 5 and Eye creams contain coconut and shea nut butter.
  • LONG-LASTING - Although completely natural, Alywillow moisturizers do not need to be refrigerated. Simply maintain normal humidity levels and store at temperatures between 40-80 degrees Fahrenheit (in your home) to keep loving your moisturizer for its whole 2-year shelf-life.

We don't use alcohol or any other fillers. 

No Alcohol
  • We know other companies add alcohol and other fillers to their products to reduce cost and increase their profit margin, but these aren't usually good for your skin and hair… and water just waters it down. Check your labels - you will see water and alcohol almost always as the number 1 and 2 ingredients.
  • We believe every ingredient in our products should be good for you, so we don't use alcohol or any added water in any of our moisturizers. They are pure goodness and extra concentrated.

Our moisturizers are concentrated!

Since they don't contain any fillers, Alywillow moisturizers are highly


concentrated, you will only need a small amount. Because of this, they last a long time and are a great value. They actually save you money over time! Plus, since every ingredient is full of much needed vitamins and minerals, your skin gets healthier when you use them. So a little bit goes a long way and you look and feel better.  It's a perfect combination!

Which LEVEL is right for you?

We make different levels of moisturizers, so you can get the best option for you. Choose from residue-free... all the way to thick and creamy! Plus, your face, body, feet, and hands may prefer different levels of moisturizer too.