Immune System

Dermal Absorption of your Skin.

When we design Alywillow products we take advantage of your dermal absorption, feeding your body nutrients, every time you wash and moisturize, that can improve the health of your body on a cellular level. Since our products are made 100% of pure plants and minerals, instead of soaking up harmful ingredients, your body absorbs the goodness of nature with a plethora of nutrients and vitamins beneficial to the many systems of your body. This is why washing and moisturizing with Alywillow products can help improve your everyday experience.

Here are many ways we can help support your Immune System:

    Daily Support

    Suffering from Graves' Disease

    • Relax: Wash and moisturize with SAGEROW products daily to help relax the nervous system and relieve anxiety. 
    • Feel Better: Shake, spray, and inhale ISLAND RAIN for an immediate mood boost. It can help promote better sleep. 
    • Feeling too hot? Use SEAWILLOW SPRITZER for hot flashes - just shake and spray on your face and neck to cool down. Drink HIBISCUS TEA - it helps control body temperature.


      Hashimoto's Disease

      • Inflammation, Depression, and Spasms: Wash and moisturize with SAGEROW products daily to help reduce inflammation, depression and spasms.
      • Mood Booster: Use the SAGEROW SPRITZER to help you feel better. Shake, spray, and inhale ISLAND RAIN to calm anxiety. Use enough and you'll sleep like a baby.
      • Herbal teas: ROSEHIPS TEA to helps reduces inflammation and pain and ROSEBUDS TEA daily gives uplifting feelings to help those who are down, depressed, or overly stressed.

      Lymphatic System

      The lymphatic system comprises a vast network of vessels, nodes, and ducts that span most of the body. It functions similarly to blood by draining excess fluid in bodily tissue that cannot return through the blood vessels. It then filters out foreign substances and returns the filtered lymph back into the bloodstream via the thoracic duct at the base of the neck. It plays a key role in absorbing fats and fat-soluble nutrients, as well as in fighting disease. It’s part of the Immune System.

      Supporting this system:

      Drinking BURDOCK ROOT TEA everyday is known to reduce stress on the lymphatic system. It also supports kidney and liver function. Drink moderately.

      Lymphoma (cancer starting in the lymphatic system): 

      These options aren't going to get rid of the cancer. They are offered as ways to find relief from some common symptoms related to Lymphoma.

      • Fatigue: Wash and moisturize with FIREFLY to relieve fatigue and improve respiratory health. Use the ENERGY INHALER up to three times per day. 
      • Rashes: If you have rashes, use the WARRIOR products to help clear them and relieve the itching.
      • Loss of Appetite: Drinking SAGE LEAF TEA can help boost your appetite. It also has high concentrations of Vitamin A, C, B-family, K, and E, copper, fiber, calcium, iron and magnesium. 
      • Reduce Nausea: SPEARMINT TEA tastes great and has been widely used to reduce nausea.
      • Night Sweats: If you have night sweats, use SEAWILLOW SPRITZER on your face and neck. Drinking HIBISCUS TEA can also help control body temperature.

      Swollen lymph nodes can be a symptom of numerous conditions. According to Medical News Today, a person should seek medical advice if:

      • lymph nodes stay swollen for longer than 2 weeks
      • a swollen lymph node feels hard or fixed in place
      • swelling accompanies a fever, night sweats, or unexplained weight loss