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Healthy skin needs at least 20 minutes of sun exposure daily... but it's important to soak up the sun safely, especially during the hot summer months! How do you do this? Consider this...

  • The sun rises early and sets late, so plan your outside activities in these  safe hours, between 6-10am and 5-9pm.
  • The most dangerous UV light usually happens between 11-3pm, so plan indoor activities in those times. If you must be outside during this time, then gear up like you are walking into! Choose a cool hat, wear sunglasses, find a breathable long sleeve shirt, and maybe even make a statement with a sun umbrella.
  • Drink water throughout the day. An easy way to calculate the right amount is to take your weight in pounds and divide it by half. Drink that many ounces every day. (a 120lb person would drink 60oz of water).
  • Bug protection: See more below on how to protect against ticks and mosquitoes!

Look at how Alywillow products can make your summer even better!

Inspired by life on the islands...

GYPSYSUN Medicinal Spray is like a refreshing wave of relief for your burned or sun-damaged skin. It instantly reduces the PAIN OF SUNBURN. You don't need to touch the burn to get relief, just spray it on. Plus, it repairs at a cellular level, preventing the scars and speeding up your recovery from harmful UV exposure. You'll want to use it anytime you spend time under the sun. (You can also keep a bottle in the kitchen year-round to get relief of minor burns.) See more here.


Apply BEFORE or AFTER the bite.

This repellent  protects you against mosquitoes, horseflies, houseflies and no-see-ums for a few hours... plus, it relieves the itch and swelling of existing bug bites. It is a DEET-free formula (we just don't need it). Plus, Native-Shield is so safe you can inhale it (although you probably don't want to) and it's also safe for pregnant women and babies!  It's also soothing to itchy skin issues (so those with eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis will enjoy it). At first, there is a crisp, fresh scent of vinegar, but that disappears fast. After about 2-3 minutes, you can be covered from head to toe, and no one will smell it on you. See more here.

Native Shield

Level 3 Moisturizers

Our Level 3 moisturizers are ultra light & absorb fast so your skin can breathe and feel free. Get the Therapeutic Set of 10 and use them from from head to toe, for healthier skin everywhere. They are made of pure plants with no fillers, no water, and no synthetics. Plus, those plants offer a natural 8-10 SPF. See more here.

Level 3 Therapeutic Moistuziers

Alywillow Lip Balms

  • vegetarian,made of pure plants and organic beeswax and nothing synthetic!

  • Super moisturizing to RESTORE your lips, plus these plants naturally offer 8-10 SPF.

  • See more here.



  • Use Fortify or DisinfectNow to repel ticks and relieve painful bumps and bug bites.

  • DisinfectNow is premixed and easy to use. It's great for reducing germs or spray it on your skin and clothing to repel ticks. 

  • Use Fortify as a spot treatment on bumps or painful bites (follow the directions) or dilute to make your own spray. See more here.


Relief of ezcema, dermatitis, fungus, and it smells and feels great too!

Most people choose it because they LOVE the way it smells! However, if you have imbalances of the skin such as acne, dandruff, eczema, dermatitis or fungal issues - you are going to love the relief it offers. See more here.



ChocoMojo – just for fun

A chocolate treat to energize you and keep you active... with none of the calories. Made of plants (including real cocoa), and that's all. See more here.


Repairs at a cellular level for flawless skin

Just read our reviews and you can see the benefits of using Warrior from head to toe everyday, for the rest of your life. See more here.



The most natural Sun Kissed Lips ever!

SunKissed is a subtle lip and cheek color, ideal if you love to shine with a more natural look. With just a touch of warmth, this moisturizing lipstick will make you look and feel brighter. See more here.


Feel better fast!

Our inhaler set is easy to carry and solves so many problems. It makes every day a little better. See more here.


Stay alert, active, and healthy

Astragalus Root Dried Herb is generally believed to slow down aging, prolong life, boost the vital energy of the body, and strengthen your qi. It reduces inflammation in the body, including edema. It also wards off infection and reinforces the body’s natural defenses through its deep immune support.  See more here.


Lighten your skin and reduce the freckles

Spending lots of time in the sun but don't want to get leathery or dark looking skin? Just wash and moisturize every night with this sun-repairing formula. See more here.


Lemon Laughs

Summer fun
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