Native Shield Bug Repellent
Native Shield Bug Repellent Native Shield Bug Repellent Native Shield Bug Repellent Native Shield Bug Repellent Native Shield Bug Repellent Native Shield Bug Repellent

Native Shield is a complex, natural blend of 10 different plants that work together to create a protective barrier against biting insects such as mosquitos, houseflies, and more. This vegan, DEET-free bug spray has the light, crisp scent of vinegar and is perfectly safe to breathe! Now you can apply bug spray to your whole body, including your face, without holding your breath. The 8 oz spray bottle makes application a breeze and it is safe for the whole family, including babies and children. Now you can safely go outdoors! 

If you forget to spray-up before you go out, you can use Native Shield on an existing bite to quickly relieve the itch and pain. However, if you need to remove a tick from the skin, check out our Fortify formula. 


Shake the bottle thoroughly and spray into a cupped hand. Rub the product onto the skin. Misting on directly will result in over-spray and will decrease the effectiveness of the product. Spray on your skin, hair, clothing , and shoes to create a barrier to help protect from biting insects. 

For Use on Pets: It is most effective to apply the product to a handkerchief first and then tie that around the animal. 

For Maximum Safety: While this product is Elemental, we recommend it should be used on the skin only as needed by pregnant women, babies, children under seven, and epileptics. Spray it onto clothing for its protective benefits. 

Our products are made without any synthetic chemicals, synthetic fragrances, or synthetic colors and are cruelty-free. 

Ingredients: Witchhazel, apple cider vinegar, water, aloe vera, coconut oil, and Alywillow's Therapeutic Plant formula (therapeutic grade essential oils). 

Caution: Avoid the eyes. If an adverse reaction occurs, discontinue use, seek medical attention (if needed) and notify us. If you experience a negative reaction, you may be allergic to one of the plants in the formula. 

Allergies: If you have allergy concerns, please send us a list of the plants you are allergic to and we will send you an Allergy Report with all of the Alywillow products that are safe for you to use. Some items may contain potential allergens (such as nuts) or plants that interfere with some pharmaceutical medications (such as grapefruit). 

Babies, Pregnancy, and Nursing: Due to the concentration of therapeutic and organic essential oils in Alywillow products, babies, women who are nursing or pregnant, or may become pregnant, children under 7, and hypersensitive individuals should try out products in our Elemental Grade formulas for maximum safety. For maximum safety, individuals who experience seizures should try our Unscented products. Message us for more information! 

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and should not be taken as medical advice. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any medical conditions. If you are in doubt, always consult your doctor. 

Happiness and Health: Although the effects of our products can be very powerful, the therapeutic effects are not enough to restore your health and joy on their own. Our happiness and health are affected by our overall lifestyle habits, eating habits, relationships, water intake, level of exercise, and exposure to harmful substances. 

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I’m in Raleigh NC on vacation and happened to run into the Alywillow shop. Staying out a bit in the country and bugs (are) an issue, so I tried their new bug repellant - NATIVE SHIELD - Ah-maze-ing!!!! Works like a charm for hours and hours… Smells good when sprayed and then the scent dissipates. Soothes any itchy existing bites as well!! All natural… can pat on my face even! win-win!!!!