Collection: Essential Oils

Essential Oils

Alywillow essential oils are pure, concentrated plant chemicals that come from flowers, fruits, leaves, resins, twigs, seeds, or roots. These are the same essential oils we use to create over 150 different products. Read our reviews to see the effectiveness of our products. Our essential oils are PURE and considered therapeutic grade. This means they are grown without synthetic chemicals, picked at the peak time, and not processed with solvents. Instead, they are either steam distilled or cold pressed (citruses) and processed in sterile environments.

How do they work?

Essential oils are not medicine and their therapeutic benefits do not come from drugs or synthetics. Instead, its therapeutic properties come from their unique chemical structure (these are natural chemicals, not laboratory made). For instance, helichrysum's primary chemical constituent, neryl acetate, is an ester that contributes to the oils' calming characteristics. When pharma companies are able to synthesize the properties that cause these benefits, they patent them and try to create FDA approved medicines. We think it's beautiful that you can also enjoy the benefits of nature, just the way nature made it. ;-) Plus, no one can patent plants - so helichrysum is available to everyone.

Tiny Molecular Structure

The molecules of essential oils are so small they sink through your skin layers and enter the tissue and blood stream of your body. This can happen very quickly. Alywillow essential oils are the same oils we use in our skin care products. They are the highest quality you can get and this is why our products are so effective.

Intense Concentration

Most essential oils are 50-100x more powerful than their plant counterparts; however, every plant is different. For instance, it takes 66 lbs of rose petals to make approximately 300 drops of rose essential oil. Just a drop can have powerful effects. This concentrated power means that essential oils can be extremely beneficial in bringing health and balance to the body and relieving symptoms of discomfort and disease. On the other hand, this also means that essential oils can be very dangerous when used incorrectly. This is why all Alywillow products receive a Safety Grade.

Just because they are natural, that does not mean they are safe.

Whether you are an avid essential oil user or a downright novice, please read our safety information below so you can use our oils with confidence. 

Alywillow Essential Oil Safety Tenets:

  • Please NEVER consume or ingest essential oils. Some companies have promoted this practice, but the majority of seizures and fatalities due to essential oil use could have been avoided if the essential oils had been applied externally instead. Even if you consume essential oil without short-term side effects, it can still lead to long-term damage to your digestive system. 
  • Most essential oils should be avoided in the 1st trimester of pregnancy. 
  • Do not put undiluted essential oils in your bath. 
  • If diffusing in your car, make sure the oil is a stimulant and not a sedative. 
  • If applying to your skin, please use the proper dilution- every plant is different!
  • Always dilute essential oils, especially when used on children. Use essential oils sparingly on children and use only as needed, not as a preventative measure (unless for a limited time). 
  • Some essential oils require you to avoid direct sunlight for 10-12 hours after use. All citrus essential oils and some others, such as patchouli, are photo-toxic, even when diluted. 

This is just a brief safety summary. Your safety is very important to us, so if you have questions, please call us!  If you have medical concerns, speak to your doctor.