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Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oil

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Alywillow essential oils are Therapeutic Grade, Steam Distilled and/or Pressed Essential Oils. They are made using the healthiest plants, grown with no chemicals, harvested at the right time, with no chemicals, and processed in clean environments through steam distillation and sometimes our citruses are cold-pressed.

This listing is for a 15mL bottle of 100% pure Lavender Essential Oil.

Botanical Name: Lavandula angustifolia Plant Part: Flower Head
Origin: France Extraction Method: Steam Distilled
Consistency: Thin Color: clear
Aromatic Strength: Strong Aromatic Scent: floral, herbaceous, light with woody undertones.
Safe Dermal Dilution: 0.1% Cautions:  Non-toxic, non-irritant, and non-sensitizing. Has been claimed to make skin sensitive when used regularly. Avoid during the 1st trimester of pregnancy. 
Note: Top ORAC Value:   360


Essential oils are pure, concentrated plant chemicals that come from flowers, fruits, leaves, resins, twigs, seeds, or roots. These essential oils are the same oils we use in our skin care products! They are pure and come from all around the world. 

Properties and Benefits.

Among its many properties, it is known to be analgesic, antidepressant, antirheumatic, antiseptic, antispasmodic, antiviral, bactericide, cicatrisant, decongestant, deodorant, diuretic, fungicide, sedative. Because of these components, lavender has been known to relieve muscular pain and cramps, reduce swelling, encourage cell renewal, reduce fluid retention, and lessen depression. 

  • Sunburn/Burns: This is the first essential oil one should reach for in the case of minor burns and sunburn, but our GypsySun Medicinal Spray is even better as it contains large amounts of Lavender, plus other complimentary plants that are more effective when used in combination to calm the pain and repair the damage of sunburn. Plus, you just spray it on, so you don't have to touch it!
  • Headaches: Lavender is useful with headaches, so it's part of the ingredients in our Headache Medicinal Inhaler. This complex blend is even more effective at reducing headaches for a larger population.
  • Calming: Lavender has shown some evidence of reducing blood pressure, as do many of our organic herbal teas. Useful in a diffuser in the delivery room to calm and relax everyone in the room, but Sage can help promote contractions, so consider it too. Soothes the spirit, relieves anger, valuable in manic-depressive cases. Lavender is relaxing for most, but has been known to be an energizer for some.  Lavender has a sedative action on the heart, assists in bringing down high blood pressure, relieves insomnia and muscular spasms and rheumatic pains.

It may also be useful with nausea, vomiting and colic. Promotes growth of new skin cells and reduces scarring. This is why it is included in all our Lavender Fields cleansers and moisturizers.

Lavender is one of the safest essential oils to use with children and the elderly. Blends well with bergamot, chamomile, citronella, lemon, and pine. Flash point: 156 F. OK to ship via air/ocean.

Many Alywillow products contain Lavender Essential Oil.

We include our Lavender Essential Oil in many of our ready-assembled products because of its extraordinary ability to help the body. These products make it easy for you to enjoy the benefits of lavender, plus so much more.


Alywillow Butterfly

Wash and moisturize daily with our Butterfly, Lavender Fields, Seawillow, and Sweet Magic products. Your body absorbs much of what you put on it and Alywillow products are free of all synthetic ingredients, non-toxic, and cruelty free. So instead of your body being bombarded with synthetic and harsh chemicals, our gentle ingredients are helping your body fight germs and reduce problems such as inflammation, acne, wrinkles, and stress... all while boosting the health of your skin to make you look and feel younger! 


Minty Relief
Get fast relief of pain and swelling with our Minty Relief products. You can choose between washing, moisturizing, or spritzing!

Roll-on Set

Enjoy our Magical Perfume Roll-on and Peace Perfume Roll-on everyday. Get the Set of 8 or choose the individual roll-on you prefer.

Alywillow's Island Rain

Sleep Better with Island Rain. Stress, anxiety, and lack of sleep often go hand-in-hand in a vicious cycle... and this is designed to relieve extreme stress and encourage better sleep. Island Rain can set you free and leave you feeling refreshed and well rested.

Inhaler Set

Reduce Headaches with our Medicinal Grade Headache Inhaler. These portable devices are easy to keep close by so they are available when you need them!

Alywillow Herbal Teas

Enjoy a nightly tea with our Dried Lavender Bud Herbal Tea or try one of our other sleepy teas - helichrysum, lavender buds, passion flower, lemon verbena, and mullein.

Keep your lips kissable with our Lavender Lip Balm. These are all-natural, super moisturizing and ensure your lips are ultra hydrated and protected all year long.


Try our Gratitude Perfume. Our new GRATITUDE PERFUME 101 is a celebration, bursting forth with the combined scent of over 26 plants. We have so much to be grateful for, and we'd like to celebrate with this delightful blend. If you like the sweetness of gardenias and jasmine, then you are going to love GRATITUDE PERFUME 101!  It doesn't exactly smell like them, but it's the kind of scent you're going to want to breathe in deeply, over and over... simply mesmerizing! 


Alywillow Essential Oil Safety Tenets:

  • NEVER consume or ingest essential oils. Some companies have promoted this practice, but the majority of seizures and fatalities due to essential oil use could have been avoided if the essential oils had been applied externally instead of internally ingested. Even if you have already consumed essential oils, please discontinue this practice as it can lead to long-term damage to your digestive system. Besides, essential oils absorb into your skin, body, and blood so quickly. There really is no need to ingest them.
  • Most essential oils should be avoided in the 1st trimester of pregnancy. Many should be avoided during your entire pregnancy. 
  • Do not put undiluted essential oils in your bath. Dilute them first, using the Safe Dermal Dilution rate listed above.
  • If diffusing in your car, make sure the oil is a stimulant and not a sedative. 
  • If applying to your skin, please use the proper dilution- every plant is different! See below for more details.
  • Always dilute essential oils, especially when used on children. Use essential oils sparingly on children and use only as needed, not as a preventative measure (unless for a limited time).
  • Some essential oils require you to avoid direct sunlight for 10-12 hours after use. All citrus essential oils and some others, such as patchouli, are photo toxic, even when diluted. Lavender Essential Oil is not photo toxic.
  • This is just a brief safety summary. Your safety is very important to us, so if you have questions, please call us!  If you have medical concerns, speak to your doctor. 

Calculating the Proper Dilution: 

Lavender's safe dermal dilution is 0.1%.  This means for every 100 drops of carrier oil (1 tsp), you should use only 1 drop of Lavender Essential oil. You can definitely use higher concentrations if you wish, but if you use a stronger dilution than this and you use it every day, you may build a sensitivity or allergy to Lavender Essential oil. We have seen it happen! How much carrier oil are you using? Carrier oils could be coconut oil, sunflower oil, safflower oil, hemp oil, or any other oil. Water is not a safe carrier as it will not blend. 

  • Use 1 drop of Lavender Essential Oil to 1 tsp (100drops) of carrier oil.
  • Use 6 drops of Lavender Essential Oils to 1 oz. of carrier oil
  • If using Lavender Essential Oil on a child, use less. We recommend 1-2 drops per 1 ounce of carrier oil.


  • Ask our team: Wondering what is best for you? Just ask us!
  • Can cause drowsiness: Do not drive or operate heavy machinery as this product is known to cause drowsiness.
  • Avoid your eyes: If it gets into your eyes, flush with water or full fat milk (for oil based products, including essential oils).
  • External use only. Do not consume.
  • Healthy Life: Our products offer many great benefits, yet they are not enough to restore your health and joy by themselves. Read 10 Steps to Healthy Skin to learn how your health and happiness are affected by your life choices.
  • Shifting colors, scents, and textures: Our products are made from plants and plants vary from one harvest to the next. This may cause a variation in color, scent, or texture in our products. It is completely normal and expected from Truly Natural Products
  • Cruelty-free and Dog Friendly: We create over 150 VEGAN products from plants and minerals. They are 100% natural and contain no synthetic chemicals. We don’t test them on animals, but you can review our Dog and Pet information to understand more how your pets can benefit from using Alywillow products.
  • Pregnant & Nursing women: Avoid this product. Many Alywillow products are safer than anything you can find on the market, however, some plants should not be used during this time. Please refer to our Pregnant and Nursing page for more information.
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  • Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and therefore should not be taken as medical advice. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any medical conditions. If you are in doubt, always consult your doctor.
  • USA: We make over 150 products, right here in the USA, using only plants and minerals.


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Customer Reviews

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Cristal McCoin
The best so far!!

I love love love Allywilliow Essential oil. I have a bottle of another lavender EO that I brought from a major market place, and the quality pales in comparison to Allywilliow. The quality is by far the best I've come across. The only complaint I have is that I wish there were more EO's to choose from. But that is not really a complaint, more like a wish. :)

Thank you for your feedback, Cristal! We're happy that you are enjoying our Lavender Essential Oil. At Alywillow, we are proud to produce the highest quality, therapeutic grade essential oils. We also use them in our products! You may enjoy our Lavender Fields collection :)

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Great product

Wonderful quality