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 Just like our skin, our hair needs nourishment and care. Especially if you want it to grow thick and healthy. We specialize in improving the quality of your scalp and hair, not in styling products. Alywillow's approach is to feed nutrients into your scalp every time you wash, so the health of the scalp increases and so does the health of your hair. Simply put, a healthy scalp has a better chance of growing healthy hair and if you wish to have the healthiest hair possible, we encourage you to set aside your synthetic chemical based products and make a change to Alywillow. 

Alywillow is different from anything you have ever used before! We don't actually make shampoos and conditioners. Instead, we make cleansers and moisturizers that can be used on your face, body, and hair. The ingredients are the perfect formulation of plants that contain natural chemicals to help balance the pH of the scalp and to feed high levels of bio-available vitamins and nutrients to your scalp and hair shafts. The results can be extraordinary, giving you the best hair of your life.

Healthy hair is more manageable, shiny, and thick. Some of our products will help style your hair, but we don't make specific styling products.

Aliya, Founder of Alywillow

Like so many of the Alywillow products, I made the Shimmer products for me. Just like everyone else, I used to use products containing synthetic chemicals on my hair, but in my mid-40's my hair kept falling out by the handfuls. At first, I thought it was seasonal, but it kept going and my hair started thinning.

I don't mind the gray hair (that's been happening since I was 18 and I'm 50 in the photo below). But, I wanted to keep my hair thick. Plus, I was tired of it looking dry and damaged. Using the Shimmer products made a huge difference and over time my hair got really healthy!

Aliya brushing hair

Now, I use all the Alywillow cleansers on my hair, not just the Shimmer. That's because all of our cleansers and moisturizers are great for your hair!. I'll just use whatever is in the shower. Right now, that is the ChocoMojo, Warrior, and Wildwood bar cleansers.

Even though I have naturally dry hair, I don't use a conditioner. Instead, I moisturize my hair after I get out of the shower with one of our Level 4 Moisturizers. When my hair was damaged, I used only the Shimmer Moisturizer. Now that my hair is healthy and soft, I usually use the DRAGONFLY LEVEL 4 (because I adore that scent).

Once I spray this moisturizer on my hands and then run them through my hair, I am able to gently comb it and all the tangles just fall away. That is still amazing to me because I have spent a lifetime battling those tangles.

What type of hair do you have?

Since our products are full of nutrients, all hair types will eventually see improvement in the quality of your hair when using Alywillow products. The only real difference is how your hair and scalp will respond... because that alters how we use the products and how quickly you will see results. All of our products are gentle and they don't strip your hair, but each hair type needs different products.

  • Dry, brittle, and coarse? If your hair is dry, brittle, and coarse or thick, you will love the immediate improvement. Our products are ultra moisturizing, so they will soften your hair and beards. Try a cleanser and a Level 4 moisturizer.
  • Oily scalp and hair? We admit that it's not always easy to come off synthetic products if your scalp is oily or your hair is thin, because those synthetics have often created such an imbalance in your oil production that the first few weeks or months without them may be challenging, leaving you feeling weighed down and unwashed. Try Sagerow Cleansers and Arrow Spritzer.
  • Thinning Hair? You must try the Shimmer Spritzer and Shimmer UDC (it's a hair wash)! These are fabulous at helping regrow hair!

We are here to help guide you through the process. 

Did you know you can schedule a free consultation with one of our Team Members or with one of our Independent Specialists? All these individuals have gone through extensive training and have a true desire to help others learn how to use the Alywillow products, to improve the conditions of your life (and in this case, your hair).

You can also learn more by following our online Go Natural Hair Care guide.

Even though the Shimmer products have been specifically designed to repair damage and restore the oil production of your scalp and the health of your hair shafts, ALL Alywillow's cleansers and moisturizers are great for your hair. So, if you already have one, try it out!

  • SHIMMER MOISTURIZER: The moisturizer will repair damage done from the elements and daily styling choices, but it's also important not to forget the root of the problem, so use it with the Spritzer.
  • SHIMMER SPRITZER: Scalp health is often overlooked because the scalp itself is hard to see. We're often only reminded of it when it starts throwing dandruff flakes in our face in a show of anger. Our Shimmer Scalp Spritzer was designed specifically to increase scalp health and is a great reminder to show your scalp some love too. After all, a happy scalp makes better hair! 
  • SHIMMER HAIR WASH: This is one of our Upside-Down Cleansers, as you need to flip them to blend the ingredients (a sign of a truly natural product). It contains the Shimmer formula (for hair growth) and is a great choice to replace your shampoo. But using it is different from anything you have ever tried, so make sure to follow the directions on our Go Natural Hair Care guide. 
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