Sleep Better - Feel Better

Do you have trouble sleeping, diagnosed with insomnia, or are wondering about a natural sedative? We're sharing lots of ideas below that explain many ways to improve your sleep cycle naturally, including habits that could be sabotaging your sleep, and the importance of building a bedtime routine.

Let’s review...

Are these harmful habits sabotaging you?

  • Caffeine  normally requires 12 or more hours to exit your body. Try Peppermint or Spearmint tea instead of coffee and sodas.  We also offer an Energy Medicinal Inhaler, and our
  • Firefly Therapeutic cleansers and moisturizers are great energizers for morning or afternoon use.
  • Reduce your sweets  as sugar creates numerous problems in the body and can disturb sleep cycles.  Fruit is a much better choice for dessert than any processed, sugary food.
  • Alcohol might cause drowsiness, but this is low quality sleep and not restorative. It can also wear off quickly.
  •  Afternoon napping  and inconsistent sleep patterns confuse your body. Even sitting too much can leave you feeling restless at night. Be active in the day, and calm at night.
  •  SOME Medications can cause disturbances in your body , leading to sleep problems. Speak to your doctor anytime you have questions.

Try these healthy habits instead...

  • Exercise in the morning!  Exercising gets your blood pumping and releases endorphins which quickly improve your mood. Exercise in the morning, and unwind at night!
  •  Reduce Stress! Reach out and talk to friends, listen to calming music, diffuse essential oils, start a gratitude journal, eat whole fresh foods, and use Alywillow’s Stress Relief Inhaler. You can also wash and moisturize with our happy hormone formulas - Sweet Magic, Lemon Laughs, & Butterfly.
  • Laughing  tricks your nervous system into releasing endorphins that improve your mood, so you feel more at ease.
  •  Mindfulness, meditation, yoga classes, and tai chi offer physical and mental exercises that can help reduce stress.
  • Keep moving!  Your body has energy that you need to use. Keep moving as much as possible all day.

Building a Calming Bedtime Routine:

Just as we train a child's body to sleep at bedtime, adults can train their bodies to go to bed at a consistent time also. Look through the following options and choose a few that feel good to you... 

  • Food: Stop eating 2-3 hours before bed.
  • Lights: Use low lights, and reduce electronic devices for 1-3hrs before bed as those lights can stimulate your brain and activate the rods in your eyes.
  • Create a Haven: Your bedroom is a sanctuary to rest and recover. So that your sanctuary is not bombarded with the world, remove the TV and cell phones to make it an electrical-free zone.
  • Stop the distractions: Settle your children or pets away from your sleeping area and early enough that you can enjoy preparing for bed.
  • Alywillow's Sleep Aide: Use Island Rain, up to 10 times, about 30-60 minutes before bedtime. You can also spray your sheets and pillows. Clean Sheets covered in Island Rain are sure to help you relax. Using Lavender Fields cleansers and moisturizers nightly help promote better sleep.
  • Drink a sleepy herbal tea (mullein, damiana, helichrysum, lavender,  lemon verbena) or a warm glass of milk before bed (and don’t add sweeteners).
  • Sensitive to electromagnetic fields? Turn off your WIFI. This is necessary for more people every year.
  • Consider the energy flow of your space. Do not allow windows, doorways, and mirrors to intersect across your bed as these energy pathways are known to disturb sleep.
  • Plan for tomorrow,  so you can sleep well tonight. Just the simple act of writing a list of important things to do tomorrow can help your quiet your mind so your body can rest.
  • Add a notebook and pen by your bed in case you wake with an idea. Then you can write down your ideas & go back to sleep.
  • Add essential oils with sedative properties to your diffuser such as marjoram, lavender, frankincense, and vetiver.  If you snore, then try eucalyptus, lemongrass, or clary sage.
  • Soak in a warm bath. Add a few sprays of your Alywillow moisturizers to your bathwater for extra soft skin.
  • Massage helps relax the body. Try our massage moisturizers (Level 4) in Lavender Fields, Seawillow, Sweet Magic, or Dragonfly.  If you are in pain, then choose the Minty Relief formula.
  • Relax your muscles by tightening them, hold for a few seconds, and then releasing. You can also use Sagerow, Lavender Fields, and Minty Relief collections to relax your muscles for better sleep.
  • Be consistent. It’s best to go to bed at the same time every night. This means you get into bed, close your eyes, and give yourself a chance to sleep.
  • If you have a habit of waking in the middle of the night, then develop this routine to help you go back to sleep. Read a book, pray, or meditate. Many people say these practices easily put them to sleep.   ;-)
Alywillow offers over 150 products and every ingredient, including the colors, scents, and preservatives are plants and minerals. These plants are medicinal, therapeutic, or considered super-foods - giving you bio-ready nutrient rich uploads with a myriad of benefits every time you wash, moisturize, or spritz.

That gives you a healthier body and a more enjoyable life.