Sometimes, really awesome discoveries come from unexpected experiences...

In 2007, a small accident shattered a bone in my back resulting in enormous pain with partial paralysis. I was often stranded on the sofa or in a bed, with such severe pain I was unable to walk, and everything in life became more difficult. My choices were a dangerous surgery, popping pain pills that cause heavy damage to internal organs, or finding natural alternatives to relieve the swelling and pain. Since damaging my organs was not desired and I couldn't find an effective natural pain relieve; I combined my science background and the plant-medicine of my ancestors to create a solution that would naturally reduce pain and swelling without any drugs, steroids, or synthetic ingredients... and it worked fabulously! Since then, thousands of people have enjoyed the natural benefits of MINTY RELIEF! In fact, a former kickboxing champion of the world told me the Minty Relief products were the best thing he'd ever seen at reducing pain and swelling!

Now you can get natural relief of pain and swelling!

There is no need to quietly suffer through your pain or to damage your internal organs with pain pills. Every Alywillow product listed here is created from plants containing high levels of natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. There are no drugs, no steroids, and no synthetic ingredients. Now we have TWO formulas to choose from - MINTY RELIEF and RIVERFLOW - each available in 6 different products. Plus, it's so easy to use them - just wash, moisturize, or inhale the spritzers to get all the benefits. What if your pain and swelling is in an area you can't reach? In that case, add a teaspoon of Level 3 or Level 4 moisturizer in either Minty Relief or Riverflow to a warm bath and soak your body. We also offer coconut-free and nut-free options.

With two awesome formulas, how do you choose the right one for you?

Minty Relief vs Riverflow

MINTY RELIEF - Medicinal Safety Grade products

Our Medicinal Safety Grade designation is give to our most powerful formulas designed to aid in some of the toughest situations. They can quite effectively reduce the symptoms of shingles, MRSA, pain, inflammation, bacterial infections, and so much more! Some of them can put you to sleep or clear up the scars from psoriasis. They are not designed for fun or for fragrance and you should follow the instructions on the product labels and information pamphlets as they contain proper usage details. Please use these products when needed and contact us if you have any questions.

RIVERFLOW - Elemental Safety Grade products

Our Elemental Safety Grade designation is given to those products designed to be ultra gentle and safe for use every day, from head to toe, for the rest of your life by everyone - including brand new babies - just because you like the scent! These cleansers will leave your skin feeling soft, the moisturizers are protective, and every product in this line is made of plants and minerals - and that's all! The safety standards on our ELEMENTAL line surpass European safety standards (which are the highest in the world) and ensure our products can be enjoyed every day of your life!

  • Arthritis, Bursitis, & Gout

    If you're experiencing full body pain, then shower in the Minty Relief or Riverflow cleansers, and leave the cleanser on your skin for at least 30 seconds or more to allow time for the formulas to sink through your skin. Afterwards, if you're still experiencing pain or swelling, apply one of the Minty Relief or Riverflow moisturizers to the area of pain and reapply the moisturizers every 5-10 minutes, until you get the amount of relief you desire.

  • Back, Joint, & Neck Pains

    Use one of the Riverflow or Minty Relief moisturizers in a thin layer on the area of pain. If this is your lower back or anything below your lower back (legs, knees, ankles, feet), then sit and lie down for 5-10 minutes after application to allow time for your body to absorb the formula deep into your tissues and joints. Reapply as needed.

  • Tendons & Ligaments

    If your tendon or ligaments are swollen or in pain, wash and moisturizer with Riverflow and/or Minty Relief for fast relief from pain & inflammation. Remember to also reduce your physical activity on this part of your body. You still need to use it, to prevent it from getting stiff, but not to the point of causing pain. Just be gentle. Wrap it with a soft bandage and give yourself a chance to recover.

  • Muscle Spasms or Cramps

    Our products containing the SAGEROW formula support the health of your nervous system while reducing the potential of muscle spasms. If you have chronic spasms or cramping, consider washing and moisturizing with Sagerow everyday. However, in the moment of an active cramp, massage the area with one of the Minty Relief or Riverflow moisturizers for immediate relief.

  • When you ache all over

    If you have symptoms of lupus, fibromyaligia, or other problems that create chronic pain or inflammation, commit to using the Minty Relief and Riverflow products for at least 6 weeks to see how much they can help you. Keep in mind the Minty Relief and Riverflow also help restore tissue damage quickly, especially when you use it quickly after an injury. The quicker you use it, the faster it works, preventing secondary damage caused by swelling.

    • Sunburn - use GypsySun
    • Headaches - use the Headache Inhaler.
    • Circulatory System - our Warrior products help support your circulatory system (heart, veins, arteries) so if your problems are related to imbalances in your circulatory system, incorporate the Warrior products into your daily life.
    • Flu and Cold Symptoms - If you have flu or cold symptoms, using Paradigm can reduce your symptoms.

Wondering when to use each product and there differences?

the products

Spritzers are like portable diffusers.

Alywillow Spritzers can be sprayed into a room, onto the skin, and breathed into the lungs to unlock the benefits of our formulas. They have a light, natural scent and are like portable diffusers you can use on-the-go. Minty Relief and Riverflow Spritzers are especially great for anyone with sinus pain or pain and swelling of the scalp as they don't contain oils like moisturizers and they don't leave any residues.

Bar and Foaming cleanser differences.

No lye, no charcoal, no sulfates, no animal fats, no artificial ingredients, & no dangerous plants (like tea tree). We create our bar and foaming cleansers from real organic plants and organic vegetable glycerin - so they are ORGANIC and VEGAN cleansers. Since they don't contain lye, you can't call them soap. Some of us have used them for over 30 years and can guarantee that they clean really well without stripping your skin. If you have full body pain, use them in the shower from head to toe. If you're suffering from pain in your hands or face, make sure they are at the sink too!

Why are there so many Moisturizers?

  • All our moisturizers are 100% vegan and made of therapeutic plants offering your skin powerful nutrients and the protection it needs. We offer 5 moisturizing levels for hydrating different skin types.
  • Level 3 - If you prefer a light moisturizer that leaves your skin soft with no residue, this is the right level for you. Also, because it's so light feeling, it's really great for applying in several thin layers.
  • Level 4 - What if your daily moisturizing ritual could feel like a blissful moment at the spa? The silky, smooth feel of our Level 4 can help you knead your tired muscles and work out the kinks. This is the perfect level for dry hair or for a softer beard!
  • Level 5 - Specifically designed for the very worst dry skin and made only with plants that soothe, this intense moisturizer was formulated for repairing skin that’s so dry it cracks and bleeds. Customers with skin irritation from routine hand washing, such as nurses and mechanics, have found their parched skin replenished in just one use, however, continued use helps restore your skin to its healthiest state.

The benefits of herbal teas.

Herbals teas are full of all types of nutrients, vitamins and trace amounts of essential oils - in the perfect amounts for your body to absorb and benefit. They affect your full body - giving you a daily download of nutrition. Plus drinking herbal teas don't dehydrate you like black teas. Incorporating an afternoon TEA TIME into your life is a great way to treat yourself better.

Dermal Vs. Inhalation Absorption

  • Dermal Absorption: When designing Alywillow products,we specifically take advantage of your dermal absorption - feeding your body nutrients through your skin every time you wash and moisturize. So, instead of soaking up harmful ingredients, your body absorbs the goodness of nature with a plethora of nutrients and vitamins that support the systems of your body with every use! This improves the health of your body on a cellular level and it's why washing and moisturizing with Alywillow products improve your everyday life!
  • Inhalation Absorption: However, absorption can also happen through inhalation. Just ask anyone who's allergic to peanuts! Not only do they have to avoid eating peanuts, they also cannot be anywhere near a smell of peanuts. It's common for allergies to be triggered by your sense of smell, however, in our natural environment (nature) your sense of smell is a guidance system, often leading you towards things that benefit you and away from those things that harm you. This is why we highly recommend smelling all products before using them. Plus, we actually use inhalation absorption to feed your body more goodness! It's the process of inhaling that actually makes our Island Rain and inhalers so effective! Good quality sleep is essential for your body to repair and recover. So, if you're having trouble sleeping, using Island Rain with help you feel better. Just shake, spray, and inhale it to calm your nervous system and reset your circadian rhythm, making tomorrow a better day!

Herbal Teas

Below are our loose herbal teas with pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory benefits. Drinking them daily is beneficial for those suffering from chronic conditions, plus reducing inflammation in the body is a great way to slow down the aging process. Several of these can make you very relaxed, so read the labels and if it says that can cause drowsiness, please don't drink and drive. All of them are either certified organic, certified kosher, or wild harvested from the forest and wild meadows that surround us here in the Appalachian mountains. Every one is pure and handled with care, plus they are full of vitamins and minerals that will enhance the quality of your life.

Customer Reviews

Riverflow spritzer relieved my back pain! Bruce from NC.

"I experience back pain, sometimes debilitating on some occasions. I used to simply suffer through it until it went away... I was preparing for moving out of one house and into a new one and had pain which made it difficult to even stand and walk. Once i started following the regimen with Minty Relief and Riverflow, I was feeling better and able to function again within a couple of days! Now whenever I feel even a twinge in my back I apply Riverflow and feel relief within hours. At first I was a little skeptical, but I'm now a believer. Thank you for developing these wonderful products!"

Magic mint, by A.M. in VA

"This year has been a roller coaster of health issues. I have had two back surgeries and need a hip surgery. It was suggested I try the minty relief, and I was skeptical. I am typically always in some sort of pain, but I can say that the minty relief has a deep soothing sensation. Its perfect right before bed to help me reach that relaxed state to drift into a sleep. So thankful to have this and all the other products I have tried! "

Riverflow Helps Get Me Through The Day, by Wanda Taybron

"At the age of 25, I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis and at the age of 50, I was told by my orthopedic surgeon that I needed to have knee replacement surgery. When I found out I would have to have it done again in 10 years, that wasn't an option for me. Around that time Alywillow had this wonderful product called Minty Relief which helped tremendously with my arthritis pain but would sometimes bother my sensitive skin. Then Aliya introduced Riverflow at a Ladies' night. That particular night I forgot my Minty Relief and my knees were in a lot of pain. I took a sample of Riverflow home and used it and I'm not exaggerating when I say 15 minutes later I was crying tears of joy. The pain and inflammation were gone. I immediately wrote Aliya an email at 1:30 AM on the website begging for more. I live with chronic pain every day but Riverflow helps me manage it without having to take a lot of medication. I'm 64 now and still haven't had my knees replaced. I've had alternative procedures to extend the life of my knees and I do still have osteoarthritis but it's manageable and Riverflow helps not only my knees but every part of my body the arthritis affects. I thank God (and Aliya) for it."

Minty Relief Nutrient Bar Cleanser, by J.B.

"This soap had my 75 year old dad moving like he’s a teenager."

Minty Relief for ganglion cyst and Restless Legs Syndrome, by Erika Liepold

"I've purchased and have been given samples of various products in recent months. Specifically, Minty Relief has lessened the pain in my right hand from a ganglion cyst. I also use it to calm my restless legs prior to it for that too! We've recently used this as well as the Paradigm Massage for my husband's lower back twinges. He indicated he felt relief shortly after massaging these products into his skin. Also have the Breathe Medical Inhaler which I use each morning to clear my sinuses. These products are fast becoming staples in our household and we☺️☺️'d highly recommend them!!!"

Riverflow is the best, L.B. of Cary, NC

"I use Riverflow everyday and it is absolutely the best product out there to decrease pain and overall body inflammation. It really works and does decrease swelling too."

Minty Relief Tried & True - Always! by S.H. of Durham, NC

"When it comes to aches and pains Minty Relief is the first Alywillow remedy I reach for. I’ve used it for four years and consistently find it amazingly versatile and effective. Whether it is over stressed muscles for those days when I live life with more enthusiasm than good sense :-), little ouchies from injections/blood draw, rib aches from colds or
flu, sinus pressure, restless legs. The list goes on. I like that these formulas nourish beyond the symptoms as they absorb into the skin. An added bonus to Minty Relief as well as all other Alywillow products is the aromatherapy benefit. How uplifting! The positive impact of Alywillow on my quality of life cannot be overstated."

Arthritic pain hand and joints, by Sarah McKenzie, Cary, NC

"I gifted this product to my mom 2 years ago and she has been using on her hands and other pains that pop up! My mom is a hand-quilter and was worried she would not be able to continue. Amazingly she is still quilting and has NOT taken Tylenol and Advil for any pains. I have also encouraged my dad to use on his knees since he is holding out on having to have a double knee surgery, he is pain-free when he uses and that is only using 2 times a day! I have happy and pain free parents!!!"

Pain and inflammation are often caused by overuse or a minor injury, but sometimes when you ache all over it's due to an infection, illness, medication, or disease, so always talk to your doctor if you have questions.