Sinus issues?

Breathe in deeply from our EUCALYPTUS INHALER for an incredible opening experience. Simply hold them up to each individual nostril and inhale deeply once per nostril. You can use it up to three times a day. The BUTTERFLYFIREFLY and RIVERFLOW spritzers can help with sinus issues.

Asthma & Lung issues

The BREATHE INHALER helps open up your lungs and EUCALYPTUS INHALER opens your sinuses. Spray & inhale the FIREFLY and BUTTERFLY Spritzers. According to generations of our Native American ancestors, MULLEIN LEAVES made into tea will help strengthen your lungs and improve the overall health of your respiratory system.


Use the EUCALYPTUS  INHALER up to three times per day. Simply hold it up to each individual nostril and inhale deeply once per nostril. Shake and spray the MINTY RELIEF SPRITZER around your face and head and breathe deeply. Drink GOLDENSEAL TEA once per day until symptoms fade away.


Inhaling the BUTTERFLY SPRITZER helps reduce snoring for many people. Just shake, spray, and inhale. The BUTTERFLY SPRITZER smells so great you might just want to spray down your sheets and pillows too!


Pneumonia is an infection and inflammation of the air sacs in the lungs. All the Alywillow products listed will help fight it, but stillness in the body is what allows it to take hold in the lungs, so I will address that first. Anyone with pneumonia needs to learn to do deep breathing exercises and keep your body moving. Even if you are fatigued and really want to rest – you must keep moving. Even months after pneumonia is gone, it will quickly come back if movement is not maintained. Think about what happens in a room that is closed without enough air movement. The air grows stale and eventually mold can form. This mold begins to break things down. If there is not enough movement in your lungs, something similar happens. Pneumonia is an infection, but it behaves kind of like a mold. In all of Earth - stillness brings on this transformation. To slow down the rate of decay, you need movement. Movement literally helps us live longer.

  • MOVEMENT: Find daily physical activities you enjoy and keep moving. Physical activities that encourage deep, healthy breathing, like yoga or tai chi, need to be persistent and happen several times a day.
  • NO LONG TIMES OF STILLNESS: Don’t sit or lay down for more than 3 hours at a time, except at night while sleeping. The body needs movement. Stretch, Breathe, Stretch, Breathe, Stretch, Breathe, etc.
  • BREATHING: Too often we have shallow breathing. Learn breathing techniques and do them often to keep the air in the lungs fresh. Breathe deeply into the bottom of the lungs, filling them like balloons until you feel your chest and ribs expand. Hold for a few seconds and release. Do at least 10 deep breaths every 3 hours (or more often if possible). It will be hard at first. It will get easier over time.
  • TO FIGHT THE INFECTION: Dilute 6-10 drops of Fortify (or DisinfectNOW) and apply to the chest and neck at least 3 times a day, for the next 7-10 days.
  • TO SUPPORT THE HEALTH OF THE LUNG: Inhalers– especially BREATHE – up to 3 times a day in each nostril. Once the infection is clear, daily use of the inhalers will keep the body healthier.
  • REDUCING INFLAMMATION – Inhale RIVERFLOW SPRITZER or massage RIVERFLOW LEVEL 3 onto your entire body. Internal inflammation is responsible for much of the damage in our body as we age.
  • Using RIVERFLOW everyday (or any of the other formulas that support healthy circulation and reduce inflammation) will help the body function better.


Add one or more of these items into your daily life to help ease your seasonal allergies. They boost your body with powerful nutrients that enable you to assimilate into your natural environment better. Also, our ancestors taught us that spending more time outdoors in the winter can help your body adjust with a little more ease to Spring-time and all it's pollen.

  • Our EUCALYPTUS INHALER provides a powerful burst of freshness that opens the air passageways for fast and effective relief. 
  • Open your sinuses by inhaling the FIREFLY SPRITZER or MINTY RELIEF SPRTIZER.
  • To open your breathing passages at night, use the calming BUTTERFLY SPRITZER.
  • Is your medicine making you sleepy?. Wash and moisturize with FIREFLY products in the daytime to increase energy levels.

Herbals teas offer many antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory benefits and drinking them daily can help boost your nutrition through vitamins and antioxidants while reducing sinus problems and soothing your respiratory tract. You don't have to replace your coffee and you can drink them hot or chilled... ROSEHIP TEAHELICHRYSUM TEABURDOCK ROOT TEAROSEBUDS & PETALS TEAGOLDENSEAL TEA, and MULLEIN LEAF TEA