Safety Grades

How can Alywillow products give you benefits like reducing pain, fighting infections, improving sleep, reducing stress, and repairing cellular damage?

No synthetics

Your body absorbs many of the ingredients of the things you use on it and Alywillow products are truly natural, made with only plants & minerals offering many wonderful nutrients to improve your daily life. Your body easily absorbs these nutrients either through dermal absorption or inhalation, and you feel better.


Also, our products are non-toxic, free of all synthetic ingredients, vegan, and cruelty free. So, instead of your body being bombarded with synthetic and harsh chemicals from commercial products, the effective and safe ingredients of Alywillow products are helping your body function better, all while boosting the health of your skin and body to make you look and feel younger!  


Some plants are powerful enough to fight resistant germs, put you to sleep, or slow down the signs of aging. Many plants are too strong for babies and pregnant women, and other plants can trigger seizures in epileptics. Furthermore, some plants can build toxic levels if used too often or in large volumes, such as tea tree and even lavender.

Our safety standards on our Elemental and Therapeutic Graded products surpass European safety standards which are the highest in the world and Alywillow’s safety standards ensure our products can be enjoyed every day of your life! If you have any allergies to our ingredients, then please notify us in advance so we can send you a list of safe products for your special situation. 

This is why we classify Alywillow’s products into four different grade levels.


Aromatic Safety Grade

The products with the Aromatic Safety Grade are developed for fun, are often seasonal, and usually available for a limited time. Yet, they also can give you benefits too. For instance...
  • Our ChocoMojo products will give you anti-aging benefits, but you will smell like chocolate mint.
  • Our 3KINGS cleansers are naturally anti-bacterial, but they are designed from frankincense and myrrh, in honor of the 3 wise men from the first Christmas.
  • You will ADORE these scents and your body will soak up their goodness! They are gift-giving perfection as nothing is synthetic so even those with sensitive noses can enjoy them!
  • Non-toxic, cruelty-free, vegan, sulfate-free, and so much goodness! Perfumes, cleansers, creams, and more! 

Daily Use


Elemental Safety Grade

Our products with the Elemental Safety Grade designation are designed to be ultra gentle and safe for use every day, from head to toe, for the rest of your life by everyone - including brand new babies! 
    • PURE AND NATURAL: These cleansers will leave your skin feeling soft, the moisturizers are protective, and every product in this line is made of plants and minerals - and that's all! 
    • SO SAFE: The safety standards on our ELEMENTAL line surpass European safety standards (which are the highest in the world) and ensure our products can be enjoyed every day of your life! However, if you have any allergies to our ingredients, then please notify us in advance so we can send you a list of safe products for your special situation.
    • DAILY USE by the following groups:
      • everyone
      • the elderly
      • children of all ages
      • babies
      • pregnant and nursing women.
      • Hypersensitive individuals. However, if you are to avoid essential oils completely, please avoid everything except the UNSCENTED line and the Lipsticks.
Daily Use



Therapeutic Safety Grade

The safety standards of our Therapeutic Grade products surpass European safety standards (which are the highest in the world) which ensure our products can be enjoyed every day of your life if you are 7 years old or older. Plus, they give you extra benefits that can make life more enjoyable!
    • USE DAILY: They are formulated for daily, consistent, full-body use. Furthermore, these products can be used just for fun! Enjoy them DAILY from head to toe for the rest of your life!
    • BENEFITS: They give your body extra benefits just from washing and moisturizing, like feeding nutrients through your skin and into your body that support many of the systems of your body (circulatory, nervous, immune, glandular systems, etc.)
    • SO GENTLE: They are probably the most gentle and versatile products you have ever used. There is no soap residue on your shower walls or on your skin. Plus, the moisturizers actually make your skin healthier.
    • OPTIONS: Choose your favorite formula or mix them up to improve your life. You can CHOOSE YOUR FAVORITE SCENT, or you can choose for specific benefits. There are 10 formulas to choose from... Sagerow, Warrior, Sweet Magic, Lemon Laughs, Wildwood, Seawillow, Firefly, Lavender Fields, Dragonfly, and Butterfly.
    • FEEL BETTER: The cleansers will leave your skin feeling soft, the moisturizers are nourishing, and the spritzers help you feel better.
    • DESIGNED for the following groups:
      • everyone over 7 years old
      • Pregnant and nursing women can only use the Warrior and Lemon Laughs formulas. Otherwise, they should stick to the ELEMENTALS. 
      • The elderly, babies, and children under age 7 can use these products AS NEEDED to help reduce problems (diaper rash, bacterial infections, psoriasis, eczema, stress) but should not use them daily from head to toe any longer than 2 weeks.

Daily Use Use when needed



Medicinal Safety Grade

    Our Medicinal Graded products are not designed for fun or for fragrance and the product labels and information pamphlets contain proper usage details. These powerful formulas are designed to aid in some of the toughest situations. Please use them as needed and contact us if you have any questions. They can help reduce the symptoms of insomnia, swelling, pain, panic attacks, headaches, sinus infections, asthma, sunburn, cellular damage, bruises, bee stings, fever, fly symptoms, shingles, MRSA, and more!

      Get relief and effective results...

          • COLDS, FLU or symptoms of other viruses can often be lessened or stopped with Paradigm Massage .
          • DISINFECT your hands, face, mask, and home without harsh chemicals or alcohol with DisinfectNOW.
          • SLEEP BETTER and less stress with Island Rain. Watch our Sleep Better, Feel Better video for more ideas.
          • SUNBURN & CELLULAR DAMAGE to your skin - use GypsySun to help the stop the pain and restore the cellular health of your skin.
          • CYSTIC ACNE, bug bites, fungal infections, ticks, and more can be stopped with Fortify.
          • STAPH or MRSA infections of the skin can easily be fought with GoAway
          • PSORIASIS - Get relief with the STARBRIGHT SET.
          • PAIN, SWELLING, AND BRUISING - Minty Relief comes in 6 products (cleanser, moisturizers, and spritzer) to reduce pain, swelling, and bruising while speeding up repair of tissue damage. 
          • HEADACHE RELIEF - just a whiff of our Headache Inhaler can make you feel better. 
          • BREATH BETTER - Dealing with sinus or Lung issues? Use the Eucalyptus or Breath Inhalers.
          • MORE ENERGY - The Energy Boost Inhaler will rock your world.
          • MORE CLARITY -  Try the Focus and Clarity Inhaler.
          • ALL FORMS OF HERPES - Suffering from Shingles, chickenpox, or other herpes? You don't need the medicinal line, Get FAST EFFECTIVE relief just by washing and moisturizing in our Warrior Therapeutic Products.
          • Use As Needed:  Please be aware. This line is very powerful and contains high concentrations of essential oils. They are designed to be used as needed, but not for fun or for scent. For this reason, hypersensitive individuals and those who suffer from seizures are advised not to use them unless it is a safer alternative than all other options. For instance, a few drops of Fortify can help stop a severe reaction to a bee sting. Children under age 7, babies, nursing women, and pregnant women in their 2nd and 3rd trimesters can use many Therapeutic and Medicinal Grade products for a maximum of two weeks - only when needed and as directed. Please review our pregnant & nursing page for more information. Also, If you have any allergies to our ingredients, then notify us in advance so we can send you a list of safe products for your special situation. 

         Use when needed

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